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Welcome Back!

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Night of a Thousands included the UMP Open-Wheel Modifieds, Barrett’s Race Cars Hobby Stocks, Amsoil V-8 Thunderstocks, Gladiators, and the Florida Mini Sprints Association. All 5 divisions put on a show with 4 taking their first win in the Bubba Clem Era.

A 20 lap feature for the Barrett’s Race Cars Hobby Stocks started with Trevor Gamble pulling away from the pack. His lead, however, was erased on lap 7 for Robert Sirmons and Jeff Sargent’s spin. Gamble led with Tim Powers and Bubba Christian in hot pursuit. The next lap Tim Powers brought out the caution when he slowed with a flat tire after incidental contact with Christian. Lap 12 saw a yellow for debris with Gamble leading Kevin Durden and Bubba Christian. With 5 to go David Walls spun the all-new 1W for the 4th yellow of the night. The 5th and final caution came out when Tim Powers, who had made his way back up to around 7th, and Scott Haas spun and got stuck in turn 4. The final 2 lap run wasn’t enough for the pack leaving Gamble with the flag-to-flag victory. Bubba Christian came across 2nd, Johnny Zackery 3rd, Brett Barrett 4th, and Kevin Durden 5th. Tommy Ausburn, Gary Medders, Joe Boyd, Buck Woodhouse, and Donald Woosley rounded out the top 10. However, Gamble was disqualified in tech moving everybody up. Bubba Christian was awarded the win and Robert Sirmons moved into the top 10.

Rudy Nonnemacher spun at the start of the FMSA feature bringing a yellow flag out. On lap 3 Steve Crabtree flipped his #5 but climbed from the car on his own power. The car, however, was not as fortunate. At the front it was 3 generations of Moss with John Moss leading, Rhea Lynne Moss 2nd, and Eddie Moss, Sr. in 3rd. John Moss broke on the restart handing Rhea Lynne the lead for a lap before Harold Matthews charged by. Just as Matthews made the pass at the line the yellow flew for John Moss’s stopped #44. On lap 19 Dylan Colding, running 2nd, found himself spinning around and 3rd place Chris Pacetti, along with 4th place Rhea Lynne Moss, also found damage. Moss, the last car on the lead lap, was the only to continue on. Matthews held her off on the restart and took that win he longed for at Bubba Raceway Park where he announced his retirement (again) as a winner! Rhea Lynne Moss was 2nd, Eddie Moss, Sr, 3rd, Nick Snyder an impressive 4th, and David Hall rounded out the top 5.

Jeff Mathews finally had the bad luck Ivedent Lloyd, Jr. had been asking for to claw back into the points battle. Only, both cars were stranded near Wildwood when the hauler had trouble. They did make it to the track on time for heats. Matt Permann spun on lap 2 bringing our first caution out. Meanwhile, Ivedent Lloyd, Jr. held the lead. On the restart Permann and Ron Burgess spun and the end it was for Permann on the spin count. Lap 3 saw Kyle Bronson make the pass on Lloyd. Lap 4 saw Bob Johnson hit the frontstretch wall ending driver #11s night. Bronson led Lloyd and Mathews at this time. Alan Reynolds spun the POW-MIA #8 on lap 7 and he would go no further. Mike McGauley, Jeff Bagent, and Cory Howard spun down the frontstretch at half-way to bring out another caution. McGauley brought out the yellow 5 laps later when he had a tire go flat. Bronson led Lloyd and Buzzie Reutimann at this point in the action. The final caution came out on lap 17 when Larry Mott spun the Z06 out of turn 4. Kyle Bronson is called “The Killer” for good reason as he dominated in route to his 2nd win in the Bubba Clem Era. Reutimann clawed to 2nd with Lloyd and Mathews 3rd and 4th, respectively. Rich Pratt rounded out the top 5. Garret Stewart was 6th, Tim Powers an impressive 7th, Jim Passino 8th, Ronnie Chance 9th, and Scott Moeers 10th.

If Mike Stalnaker, the winner of the previous 4 races, was beat by any of the competition, the winner would take a $250 bounty as long as Stalnaker finished on the lead lap. Stalnaker lost his hood and Marlon Durbin brought out the 2nd yellow when he lost power. On lap 1 Luke Sadler and Vaughn Woodall made contact sending both to the back. David Miller, Jr. lost control of the 21 in turn 4 sending him into the 114 of John Thorpe ending both driver’s nights. Jonathan Gillette, Tim Hughes, Steve Mooers, and Joey Durbin also received damage. Davey Kinsey led from lap 5-lap 8 with a caution in between for the stopped #15. The caution flew on lap 9 when Marlon Durbin lost his tire. Brian Shea had a tire go flat and the yellow flew again on lap 11. Jarrod Bennett spun on the restart so the field was restacked. The final caution came out for Bennett and Jeff Baer when they made contact and went around. Time expired so the Amsoil V-8 Thunderstocks went just 14. Mike Tovet turned the luck around and took his first Bubba Clem Era victory. Davey Kinsey ran 2nd with Jeff Stalnaker, Jr. 3rd all night long. Jason Gamble and Gordon Cade, 4th and 5th, respectively, gained valuable points on leader Shea. Terry Dunbar was 6th, Jesse Corbitt 7th, Luke Sadler 8th, Gary Champion 9th, and Glenn Baum 10th.

Billy Holmes got the white walls he wanted but the contact with the wall wasn’t what he wanted. Another 2 laps passed before Jerry Taylor spun in turn 2. Kevin Underwood was pulling away from the field each time but had t let them catch back up. The 6 brought out the 3rd caution when he stopped in turn 2. On the restart the 87 made hard contact with the wall. Reid Christensen climbed from the 87 uninjured but his championship hopes were hurt. On lap 8 Tony LaPorta passed Underwood for the lead. On lap 12 Ray Hunter lost his tire and his chances at 3-in-a-row. Harold Lewis stopped the 48 2 laps later. LaPorta, Underwood, and Curtis Clark, Jr. were running from the field but the cautions kept it close. The final caution of the night came out for Jonathan Green when he slid into the wall out of turn 4 on lap 16. The end of lap 20 saw “Terrible” Tony LaPorta take the win, his first in the Bubba Clem Era, with Underwood 2nd, Brad fender, Jr. 3rd, Denica Hetznecker 4th, and Dalton Strehle 5th. Curtis Clark, Jr. had troubles at the end dropping him to 6th. Casey Feaster, Steve Cox, Brandon Haseleu, and Shane Guessford completed the top 10.

Next week-end is the Sunoco United Dirt Late Model Challenge Series Scott Thompson Memorial at Bubba Raceway Park. Also, Round 6 of the Top Gun Sprint Car Series is upon us, the Barrett’s Race Cars Hobby Stocks, Amsoil V-8 Thunderstocks, and the Gladiators for $300 and Double Points. For more information you can check out www.bubbaracewaypark.com or call the Speedway hotline at 352-622-9400.

Bubba Raceway Park Results

UMP Open-Wheel Modifieds

1- 40B Kyle Bronson
2- 00 Buzzie Reutimann
3- 333 Ivedent Lloyd, Jr.
4- 33 Jeff Mathews
5- 78 Rich Pratt
6- 67 Garret Stewart
7- 44 Tim Powers
8- 34 Jim Passino
9- 7S Ronnie Chance
10- 10 Scott Mooers
11- 7M Mike McGauley
12- 22 Ron Burgess
13- 4 Cory Howard
14- Z06 Larry Mott
15- 94 Jeff Bagent
16- 8 Alan Reynolds
17- 11 Bob Johnson
18- 7P Matt Permann

Barrett’s Race Cars Hobby Stocks

1- 04 Bubba Christian
2- 11 Johnny Zackery
3- 109 Brett Barrett
4- 56 Kevin Durden
5- 69 Tommy Ausburn
6- 17M Gary Medders
7- 83 Joe Boyd
8- 55W Buck Woodhouse
9- 81 Donald Woosley
10- 94 Robert Sirmons
11- 44 Tim Powers
12- 1W David Walls
13- 9 Sean Babcock
14- 20 Scott Stewart
15- 96J Scott Haas
16- 1 Buddy Kohn
17- 77M Mark Maresca
18- 73S Jeff Sargent
19- 23 Don Paugh
DQ (tech)- 12 Trevor Gamble

Amsoil V-8 Thunderstocks

1- 30 Mike Tovet
2- 58 Davey Kinsey
3- 77 Jeff Stalnaker, Jr.
4- 21 Jason Gamble
5- 121 Gordon Cade
6- 72 Terry Dunbar
7- 3D Jesse Corbitt
8- 15 Luke Sadler
9- 23 Gary Champion
10- 54 Glenn Baum
11- 3W Vaughn Woodall
12- 19 Brian Shea
13- 5W Jarrod Bennett
14- 64 Jonathan Gillette
15- 3 Jeff Baer
16- 88 Tim Hughes
17- 1C Mike Chuchian
18- 6 Tony Campbell
19- 60 Jonathan Appleby
20- 21M David Miller, Jr.
21- 114 John Thorpe
22- 72X Joey Durbin
23- 10 Steve Mooers
24- 1D Marlon Durbin
25- 8 Mike Stalnaker


1- 3T Tony LaPorta
2- 5 Kevin Underwood
3- 9 Brad Fender, Jr.
4- 16 Denica Hetznecker
5- 12P Dalton Strehle
6- 0 Curtis Clark, Jr.
7- 20 Casey Feaster
8- P38 Steve Cox
9- 3H Brandon Haseleu
10- 8B Shane Guessford
11- 31 Jerry Taylor
12- 83 Kody Fisher
13- 68 Jordan McMillan
14- XX Austin Gamble
15- 57 Larry Swift
16- 77 Matt Kramer
17- 6 unlisted driver
18- 28 Jonathan Green
19- 48 Harold Lewis
20- 79 Ray Hunter
21- 62 Nathan Florian
22- 81 Steve Johnson
23- 87 Reid Christensen
24- 10 Ken McCloud
25- 26X Dennis Sanderson
26- 26 Billy Holmes
27- 12 Wayne Conley

Florida Mini Sprints Association

  • 1st.- 116 Harold Matthews Atlantic Powder Coatings
    2nd.- 88 Rae Moss Moss Racing
    3rd.-1M Eddie Moss Paul’s Towing
    4th.-14S Nicholas Snyder
    5th.-67 David Hall Todd’s Tomatoes
    6th.-71 Austin Craddock JSO , D&K Tire
    7th.-68 Dirk Miller Todd’s Tomatoes
    8th.- 30 John Crowder Crowder Racing
    9th.- 8 Eddie Moss Jr. Moss Racing
    10th.-81 Scott Kruger
    11th.-2 John Kahl
    12th.- 24 Ken Penta Penta Racing
    13th.-23D Dylan Colding Colding Motorsports
    14th.-16 Chris Pacetti Walter Arnold Co.
    15th.- 22 Andrew Kurjack Kurjack Motorsports
    16th.-69 Rudy Nononmacher
    17th.-6 Andy Detten Walter Arnold Co.
    18th.-34 Pete Smith Smith Motorsports
    19th.-18 Sheldon Kinser Mother Fulkner Brewery
    20th.-44 John Moss Moss Motorsports
    21st.-711 David Pleaugh AMG Chevron
    22nd.-5 Steve Crabtree D&H Radiator
    23rd.-62 Joey Spivey Spivey Motorsports


July 01, 2014

Results 6-28-14

by BRP Media
The first half of the 2014 racing season came to a close this past Saturday Night. The night ended in a bang with a lot of great racing action, to be followed by a beautiful Pre-4th of July Fireworks Show. The Hobby Stocks were first out for their 20 lap feature event. Rick Elwood (92) would find himself leading the first half of this race in comfort, until Eric Moon (18) made his way through the field into the second position. Once Moon maneuvered his way through the field and caught Elwood these two would battle it out for the top position for last 5 laps. At the checkered Elwood would win followed by Moon, third would go to Cory Howard (22), forth to Brandon Elwood (28E) and rounding out the fifth position would be Joe Forsyth (17F). Next up would be the Scorpion Performance Engine Modifieds to take to the track. The original line up would have Austin Sanders (64) and Paul Snyder (54) starting on the front row, followed by Buzzie Reutimann (00) and Roger Crouse (9) starting in the second row. Race control would then offer up a challenge to all 4 drivers. The challenge would be to go to the back of the 10 car field, If one of these 4 drivers would win the feature they would receive a $300 dollar bonus. Sanders, Snyder and Reutimann would accept the challenge leaving Crouse and Shane Nichols (65) for a front row start. Crouse would take advantage of the front row start and jump out to an early lead putting distance on Sanders and Snyder, but unfortunate luck for Reutimann… read more
June 24, 2014

Gough Battled Competitors and Track for Hard Fought Victory

by BRP Media
Gough Battled Competitors and Track for Hard Fought Victory Ocala, FL, After 3 weeks of rain outs and torrential downpours almost every day, the track crew at Bubba Raceway Park worked hard to prepare the track for action this past Saturday night.… read more
June 22, 2014

Bubba Raceway Park Results for 06-21-2014

by BRP Media
Limited Late Model - Feature Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points 1 2 21G Forrest Gough Tampa , Fl 50.00 2 3 57 Eddie Gainey Fort White, Fl 48.00 3 4 17 Nevin Gainey Ft. White, Fl 46.00 4 1 55 Tim Dowling Paisley , Fl 44.00 5 5 102 Jason… read more
June 13, 2014

Open Practice for Tonight June 13 has been Cancelled

by BRP Media
Mother nature has not been nice this week to Bubba Raceway Park. Management and Staff have decided to cancel Open Practice for tonight June 13. We will be working all night and into tomorrow on the race track to prepare for tomorrows 2nd Annual… read more
May 27, 2014

Snyder Slays the Field at Bubba Raceway Park

by BRP Media
Ocala, FL – Bubba Raceway Park celebrated Memorial Day weekend with a five divisions of great racing at the 3/8th’s mile speedway. In the Hobby Stock division, 16 drivers provided intense action in the 20 lap feature event. From the start, Brian… read more
May 14, 2014

Important Schedule Update for 05/17/2014 Racing at BRP

by BRP Media
In an effort to work more closely with other track in the area, and to provide a higher car count and a more competitive racing experience for the drivers and fans, Bubba Raceway Park has decided to remove this week’s E-Mod Division from our… read more
May 10, 2014

Bubba Raceway Park Results for 05-10-2014

by BRP Media
Bubba Army Sprints - Feature Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points 1 4 24 Danny Martin, Jr. Sarasota , Fl 0.00 2 6 82 Matt Kurtz Jacksonville Beach, Fl 0.00 3 7 83 Mark Ruel, Jr. Jacksonville , Fl 0.00 4 13 15 Johnny Gilbertson - 0.00 5 11 52… read more
May 04, 2014

Bubba Raceway Park appoints Scott Mc Allister as new General Manager

by BRP Media
Bubba Raceway Park is happy to introduce Scott McAllister as the the new General Manager at BRP!!! Scott comes from Racecar Engineering with many years of racing experience. "This is a position that I thought I could only dream about having an… read more
April 21, 2014

Summerland 2014 Music Festival to play North Central Florida!

by BRP Media
Ocala, Florida: Gainesville/Ocala CHR/Top 40 radio station All the Hits Q92 (WMFQ 92.9) announces the Summerland 2014 Music Festival on Sunday June 15th at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala. The Summerland 2014 Music Festival headliner Everclear,… read more
April 06, 2014

Jeff Mathews Wins 2014 Mike Peters Open in Memory of Niokoa Johnson

by BRP Media
Winner of the 2014 Mike Peters Open in Memory of Niokoa Johnson is the #33 of Jeff Mathews!!! Congratulations to Jeff and thank you so much to all the fans who came out to support the Johnson family. The support of the entire racing community has… read more
April 04, 2014

Dick Berggren's Speedway Illustrated, will be at Bubba's Raceway Park on Saturday, April 5th

by BRP Media
National Racing Magazine, Dick Berggren's Speedway Illustrated, will be at Bubba's Raceway Park on Saturday, April 5th to assist in raising donations in memory or Niokoa Johnson. Speedway Illustrated directs its focus toward hometown tracks, the… read more
March 28, 2014

Bubba Raceway Park will be holding The Mike Peters Open in Memory of Niokoa Johnson

by BRP Media
Next Saturday April 5th Bubba Raceway Park will be holding The Mike Peters Open in Memory of Niokoa Johnson who tragically lost her life after injuries she sustained while racing on March 22nd. The Gladiator class will be running a special 17 lap… read more
March 15, 2014

Bubba Raceway Park Results for 03/15/2014 (2)

by BRP Media
Modified - Feature Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points 1 3 64 Austin Sanders Seffner , Fl 50.00 2 1 65 Billy "shane" Nichols Ocala , Fl 48.00 3 5 00B Buzzy Reutimann Zephyrhills , Fl 46.00 4 8 61 Ronald Soltis Ocala , Fl 44.00 5 4 10… read more

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