Bubba Raceway Park Results for 06/08/2013

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IMG 1132By- Jim Rouse, BRP Media

6-8-13. Ocala, FL- Bubba Raceway Park had 6 divisions on tap as all other tracks in Florida suffered with the water. The Late Models, Scorpion Racing Products UMP DirtCar Open-Wheel Modifieds, E-Mods, Hobby Stocks, 1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks, and Rent-N-Roll Gladiators all put on spectacular shows and left the fans wanting more of the excitement!

The Hobby Stocks opened the night up, and Brian Morgan took his #9 straight to the top. The opening half saw a coupld of cautions for spins by Bubba Christian, but Donnie Ashford couldn't muster up enough to get around Morgan. Ashford brought out the final yellow with 4-to-go after a spin in turn 2. Morgan fended the pack off and went back-to-back, the first driver to do so in the division this season. "The Bridesmaid" Scotty Kay, Jr. has been cursed with that nickname until he can go 1 spot better as he finished 2nd for the 3rd time. Rodney Wright finished 3rd with Dennis Williams and Trent Wilson the top 5.

The Scorpion Racing Products UMP DirtCar Open-Wheel Modifieds were stuck with Jeff Mathews on point and he held it the whole way. Of course, Larry Mott didn't make it easy as he was stuck in a peculiar position with leaders Mathews and Roger Crouse barreling down on him. Crouse was able to overtake Mathews, but it mattered not as Jeff Barrett brought the caution out. Mathews held Crouse off for the win to stay undefeated in Modified competition in 2013 with Rich Pratt in 3rd. Chuck Gustafson, Jr. had a solid run in 4th and Scott Mooers completed the top 5.

Tim Grubaugh, Jr. led lap 1 in the E-Mods, but quickly gave way to Shane Taylor in the #82. Taylor's brother, Shawn, spun out on lap 3 and did not return to the track. Bud Chauncey overtook Shane Taylor on lap 5, and moments later, the slowing #82 was rear-ended by Shane Nichols who had nowhere to go. Both driver's nights were over, but they were okay. Chauncey made it look easy over the next 15 laps and took a convincing win from Roy Crain. Daryl Larson finished 3rd with Charlie Howard, Jr. and Mike Stalnaker the top 5.

The Bubba Army Late Models put Rich Pratt on point for the opening stint that ended when Brandon Cameron spun in turn 4. Mark Whitener overtook Pratt at that point and pulled away, even through a couple of cautions. Whitener could not be stopped as he returned to familiar territory- Coors Light Winner's Circle! Pratt finished runner-up over Ivedent Lloyd, Jr. in the Clem Racing #14. Carter Stokes and Jeff Mathews rounded out the top 5.

The 1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks started off with Melvin Fockler the leader. Fockler held it through 4 cautions for various spins, but lost it to Jeffrey Smith in a fantastic 3-car battle on lap 13. Smith staved Brandon Elwood off over the final 7 to win by half-a-car-length and grab his 1st career win. Daniel Keene grabbed 3rd after Melvin Fockler spun around and saw a good night go south. William Gillam had an eventful night- he was happy with 4th, as was John Florkowski with 5th.

Tyler Bryden led the 1st 5 laps of the Rent-N-Roll Gladiators event before heeding way to Steve Johnson. On lap 8, Bryden broke the right rear, ending his night. Casey Feaster and Ray Hunter took the fight to Johnson before Feaster's #20 gave up with 2-to-go. Hunter couldn't do anything with "Scooby-Doo" as Johnson took the win. Hunter finished 2nd with Kody Fisher, Stephen Frankland, and Tom Sheehan the top 5. In tech, however, Fisher was DQ'd for an illegal rear-end, while Frankland was DQ'd for not having a Rev Limiter. Sheehan was credited with 3rd, Feaster 4th, and Bryden 5th.

Next week the NeSmith Crate Late Models, Hobby Stocks, 1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks, and Limited Late Models attack Bubba Raceway Park. There will also be a Powder Puff race and a Fan Participation race. It's Excellence In Education night, so bring your report cards! All elementary/preschool students on AB Honor Roll will receive plenty of prizes and might even win a free bicycle! For more info, please visit or call us at 352-622-9400!

Bubba Army Late Models:

Heat 1)
1- 33 Jeff Mathews
2- 33 Carter Stokes
3- 20 Brandon Cameron
4- 75 Devin Walker
5- 127 Caleb McGillivray
SCR- 54 David Hite

Heat 2)
1- 58 Mark Whitener
2- 88 David Pollen
3- 0 Rich Pratt
4- 14 Ivedent Lloyd, Jr.
5- 17 Blaise Hetznecker
6- 7 Billy Holmes

Heat 3)
1- 71 Bo Allen
2- 2S Paul Sizemore
3- 14 Tyler Clem
4- 15 Roger Crouse
5- 10X David Ponton


1- 58 Mark Whitener
2- 0 Rich Pratt
3- 14 Ivedent Lloyd, Jr.
4- 33 Carter Stokes
5- 33 Jeff Mathews
6- 20A Brandon Cameron
7- 71 Bo Allen
8- 15 Roger Crouse
9- 88 David Pollen
10- 17 Blaise Hetznecker
11- 14 Tyler Clem
12- 10X David Ponton
13- 75 Devin Walker
14- 7 Billy Holmes
15- 2S Paul Sizemore
SCR- 127 Caleb McGillivray (Driveshaft)
SCR- 54 David Hite (Not Listed)

Scorpion Racing Products UMP DirtCar Open-Wheel Modifieds

Heat 1)
1- 33 Jeff Mathews
2- 18 JO Nobles
3- 10 Scott Mooers
4- 122 Ron Burgess
5- 75 Charlie O’Neill
6- Z06 Larry Mott
7- 83 Shawn Taylor
Heat 2)
1- 78 Rich Pratt
2- 9 Roger Crouse
3- 15 Chuck Gustafson, Jr.
4- 1K Scott Kurtzner
5- 2B Jeff Barrett


1- 33 Jeff Mathews
2- 9 Roger Crouse
3- 78 Rich Pratt
4- 15 Chuck Gustafson, Jr.
5- 10 Scott Mooers
6- 122 Ron Burgess
7- Z06 Larry Mott
8- 1K Scott Kurtzner
9- 75 Charlie O'Neill
10- 2B Jeff Barrett
11- 18 JO Nobles
12- 83 Shawn Taylor
13- 429 Tim Brown

Bubba Army Hobby Stocks

Heat 1)
1- 9 Brian Morgan
2- 15 Hunter Gustafson
3- 21 Scotty Kay, Jr.
4- 98 Trent Wilson
5- 55JR Devin Walker
6- 55 Heath Walker
7- 84 Ronnie Whitley
8- 388 Walt Kahrs

Heat 2)
1- 18 Eric Moon
2- 8 Mike Stalnaker
3- 24 Dennis Williams
4- 12 Donnie Ashford
5- 99 Rodney Wright
6- 18 Marty Smith
7- 04 Bubba Christian
8- 59 Jeff Stalnaker, Jr.


1- 9 Brian Morgan
2- 21 Scotty Kay, Jr.
3- 99 Rodney Wright
4- 24 Dennis Williams
5- 98 Trent Wilson
6- 04 Bubba Christian
7- 55JR Devin Walker
8- 18 Marty Smith
9- 12 Donnie Ashford
10- 59 Jeff Stalnaker, Jr.
11- 55 Heath Walker
12- 388 Walt Kahrs
13- 84 Ronnie Whitley
14- 8 Mike Stalnaker
15- 15 Hunter Gustafson
16- 18 Eric Moon

Bubba Raceway Park E-Mods

Heat 1)
1- 7 Charlie Howard, Jr.
2- 5 Daryl Larson
3- 41 Shawn Taylor
4- 82 Shane Taylor
5- 29 Marvin Hassell
6- 21 Jon Layerd

Heat 2)
1- 32 Bud Chauncey
2- 65 Shane Nichols
3- 71 Roy Crain
4- 59 Mike Stalnaker
5- 5 Tim Grubaugh
6- 95 Bubba Byers


1- 32 Bud Chauncey
2- 71 Roy Crain
3- 5 Daryl Larson
4- 7 Charlie Howard, Jr.
5- 59 Mike Stalnaker
6- 29 Marvin Hassell
7- 64 JD Gillette
8- 5 Tim Grubaugh, Jr.
9- 82 Shane Taylor
10- 65 Shane Nichols
11- 41 Shawn Taylor
12- 21 Jon Layerd
SCR- 95 Bubba Byers

1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks

Heat 1)
1- 28 Brandon Elwood
2- 114 John Thorpe
3- P38 Steve Cox
4- 75 Jon Layerd
5- 6 Tony Campbell
6- 38 Ben Hutto
7- 20 Eric Davis

Heat 2)
1- 13 William Gillam
2- 15 Mike Valdes
3- 16 James Erickson
4- 46 Jeffrey Smith
5- 09 William Edwards
6- 32 Jim Shaw
7- 85 Chuck Cessna

Heat 3)
1- 24 Randy Strehle
2- 33 Melvin Fockler
3- 73 Brandon Tillander
4- 47 Daniel Keene
5- 19 Kyle Goulard
6- 54 John Florkowski


1- 46 Jeffrey Smith
2- 28 Brandon Elwood
3- 47 Daniel Keene
4- 13 William Gillam
5- 54 John Florkowski
6- 38 Ben Hutto
7- 24 Randy Strehle
8- 114 John Thorpe
9- 75 Jon Layerd
10- P38 Steve Cox
11- 32 Jim Shaw
12- 09 William Edwards
13- 33 Melvin Fockler
14- 73 Brandon Tillander
15- 16 James Erickson
16- 6 Tony Campbell
17- 15 Mike Valdes
18- 85 Chuck Cessna
19- 19 Kyle Goulard
SCR- 20 Eric Davis

Rent-N-Roll Gladiators

Heat 1) *REVISED*
1- 81 Steve Johnson
2- 79 Ray Hunter
3- 31T Tyler Bryden
4- 75 Tom Sheehan
SCR- 20 Casey Feaster
DSQ- 7UK Stephen Frankland
DSQ- 83 Kody Fisher


1- 81 Steve Johnson
2- 79 Ray Hunter
3- 75 Tom Sheehan
4- 20 Casey Feaster
5- 31T Tyler Bryden
DSQ- 7UK Stephen Frankland
DSQ- 83 Kody Fisher


May 18, 2015

Bubba Raceway Park Results 5/15/2015

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