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PJ Wiggins Memorial A Success At Bubba Raceway Park

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IMG 3529The Scorpion Racing Products UMP DirtCar Modifieds, Bubba Army Late Models, Limited Late Models, Hobby Stocks, and Rent-N-Roll Gladiators all fought for cash and glory as they honored a great racer in Florida in PJ Wiggins.
Limited Late Models were up first and would start with Shane Koperda up front. Tyler Clem would make quick work and had the lead by lap two. A lap eight caution for a Ricky Land spin set up Clem, Forrest Gough, and Koperda up front and Gough made quick work of the eleven year old. Lapped traffic would begin to play it's hand, but Gough managed it and held the gap over Richard Ferry and Clem as the 25-lapper progressed. Gough would hold on to grab his first win at Bubba Raceway Park over Ferry, Clem, Koperda, and Ricky Land.
The Hobby Stocks saw Scotty Kay, Jr. lead the opening stint which included a wreck between Devin Walker, Chuck Cessna, and Heath Walker that saw the latter two retire. Eric Moon would rocket past Kay on lap ten and pull away, even through a couple of cautions for solo spins. As Moon entered turns three and four, the lapped car of John Florkowski would be present and Moon slipped and spun into the infield. Scotty Kay, Jr. was nearly two seconds back, but would pass the idle car of Moon and claim his first career win at Bubba Raceway Park and he buried the nickname of "Perennial Bridesmaid."
Bryan Bernhardt opened up a lead in the Bubba Army Late Models but the gap would disappear when Mark Whitener made contact with Kyle Bronson as they raced for third. Whitener would go to the tail; Bronson would restart behind Bernhardt and John Kellum. Kellum would take it to the high side and grab the lead, but spun in front of the pack and would go to the tail and take Bryan Bernhardt with him; Bronson would be the leader over Brandon DeWitt and Roger Crouse. DeWitt used the restart to grab the lead from Bronson before the caution came out for Travis Carter on the backstretch. DeWitt would never look back and grabbed his first career win at Bubba Raceway Park! Mark Whitener would finish runner-up over Kyle Bronson, Roger Crouse, and Keith Nosbisch. DeWitt, however, would be disqualified due to an illegal spoiler and handed the win to Whitener for his third win of 2013. Bronson, Crouse, Nosbisch, and Rich Pratt completed the top five.
The PJ Wiggins Memorial opened up their 40-lapper with Austin Sanders opening the gap over Buzzie Reutimann. Kyle Bronson would bring the yellow out on lap twelve and would be stuck in traffic with 28 to go. Paul Snyder would snatch the lead from Sanders' hands on the restart but inaugural PJ Wiggins Memorial champion Rich Pratt was barreling down on him. Yellow would fly with 16 to go and Snyder had Pratt and Kyle Bronson to hold off. Paul Snyder would stave off the fight from the first two winners and etch his name in the record books as a winner of the PJ Wiggins Memorial. Rich Pratt and Kyle Bronson completed the podium while Roger Crouse and Garret Stewart completed the top five.
The Rent-N-Roll Gladiators finished up the night and Stephen Frankland picked up an easy win over Brandon Haseleu and Charlie King, Jr.
Next week is the annual Spooktacular with Night of a Thousands for the Limited Sprints, Hobby Stocks, 1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks, TQ Late Models, and Rent-N-Roll Gladiators. There will be a Trick-or-Treat for the kids as well as a haunted house. For more info, please visit www.bubbaracewaypark.com or call us at 352-622-9400!

Scorpion Racing Products UMP DirtCar Open-Wheel Modifieds:


1- 2 Devin Dixon 19.180
2- 58 Mark Whitener 19.540
3- 64 Austin Sanders 19.810
4- 78 Rich Pratt 20.010
5- 40 Kyle Bronson 20.040
6- 9 Roger Crouse 20.050
7- 54 Paul Snyder 20.310
8- 00 Buzzie Reutimann 20.920
9- 11 Shawn Pitts 21.240
10- 1 Scott Kurtzner 21.330
11- 67 Garret Stewart 21.480
12- 75 Charlie O’Neill 21.560
13- 15 Hunter Gustafson 21.940
14- 8 Rick Scott 22.480

Heat 1)

1- 40 Kyle Bronson
2- 78 Rich Pratt
3- 58 Mark Whitener
4- 00 Buzzie Reutimann
5- 64 Austin Sanders
6- 15 Hunter Gustafson
7- 1 Scott Kurtzner

Heat 2)

1- 2 Devin Dixon
2- 54 Paul Snyder
3- 67 Garret Stewart
4- 11 Shawn Pitts
5- 9 Roger Crouse
6- 75 Charlie O’Neill
SCR- 8 Rick Scott


1- 54 Paul Snyder
2- 78 Rich Pratt
3- 40 Kyle Bronson
4- 9 Roger Crouse
5- 67 Garret Stewart
6- 2 Devin Dixon
7- 15 Hunter Gustafson
8- 64 Austin Sanders
9- 8 Rick Scott
10- 75 Charlie O’Neill
11- 58 Mark Whitener
12- 1 Scott Kurtzner
13- 00 Buzzie Reutimann
14- 11 Shawn Pitts
Bubba Army Late Models:

Heat 1)

1- 2 Brandon DeWitt
2- 31 Kenny Monohan
3- 40 Kyle Bronson
4- 69 Bryan Bernhardt
5- 99 Travis Carter
6- 58 Mark Whitener
SCR- 02 Keith Nosbisch

Heat 2)

1- 17 Blaise Hetznecker
2- 41 John Kellum
3- 15 Roger Crouse
4- 11 Austin Kirkpatrick
5- 0 Rich Pratt
6- 14 Tyler Clem


1- 58 Mark Whitener
2- 40 Kyle Bronson
3- 15 Roger Crouse
4- 02 Keith Nosbisch
5- 0 Rich Pratt
6- 11 Austin Kirkpatrick
7- 69 Bryan Bernhardt
8- 41 John Kellum
9- 14 Tyler Clem
10- 99 Travis Carter
11- 31 Kenny Monohan
DSQ- 2 Brandon DeWitt (Technical Infraction)
DSQ- 17 Blaise Hetznecker (Conduct)
Bubba Raceway Park Limited Late Models:

Heat 1)

1- 14 Tyler Clem
2- 0 Wayne O’Neal
3- 17 Richard Ferry
4- 15 Shane Koperda
5- 66 Ricky Land
6- 99 Forrest Gough
7- 0 Chuck Jackson


1- 99 Forrest Gough
2- 17 Richard Ferry
3- 14 Tyler Clem
4- 15 Shane Koperda
5- 66 Ricky Land
6- 0 Wayne O’Neal
7- 0 Chuck Jackson
Bubba Army Hobby Stocks:

Heat 1)

1- 64 Trent Wilson
2- 55 Devin Walker
3- 55 Heath Walker
4- 85 Chuck Cessna
5- 23 Rebecca Paugh
6- 84 Ronnie Whitley

Heat 2)

1- 99 Rodney Wright
2- 21 Scotty Kay, Jr.
3- 17 Joey Forsyth
4- 15 Chase Gustafson
5- 21 Ray Ethridge
6- 77 Mark Maresca

Heat 3)

1- 24 Eric Moon
2- 66 Donnie Ashford
3- 14 William Edwards
4- 54 John Florkowski
5- 57 Wally Schneider
6- 75 Tom Sheehan


1- 21 Scotty Kay, Jr.
2- 14 William Edwards
3- 64 Trent Wilson
4- 17 Joey Forsyth
5- 77 Mark Maresca
6- 21 Ray Ethridge
7- 24 Eric Moon
8- 55 Devin Walker
9- 99 Rodney Wright
10- 84 Ronnie Whitley
11- 54 John Florkowski
12- 66 Donnie Ashford
13- 57 Wally Schneider
14- 15 Chase Gustafson
15- 75 Tom Sheehan
16- 55 Heath Walker
17- 85 Chuck Cessna
18- 23 Rebecca Paugh
Rent-N-Roll Gladiators:


1- 7 Stephen Frankland
2- 7 Brandon Haseleu
3- 37 Charlie King, Jr.


November 22, 2014

Attention Race Fans

by Scott McAllister
After consulting with drivers and teams, Bubba Raceway Park and NeSmith Late Model Officials have cancelled tonight's event due to inclement weather. The $10,000 to Win NeSmith Crate Late Model show has been rescheduled for January 31st, 2015. Join us next week for the 2nd Annual Thanksgiving Leftover Classic for the Top Gun Sprints, Open-Wheel Modifieds, Mini Sprints, Hobby Stocks and V8 Thunderstocks. For more information, call 352-622-9400. read more
November 22, 2014


by NeSmith Dirt Late Model Series
Darrell Lanigan of Union, KY drove the #1L Darrell Lanigan Racing Special to victory in the first 15-lap Heat Race on Friday night to earn the pole position for the $10,000-to-win 100-lap 10th Annual Chevrolet Performance World Championship Race on… read more
November 21, 2014

10th annual Chevrolet Performance Nesmith Crate Late Model Series World Championships

by BRP Media
Ocala Fl. 10th annual Chevrolet Performance Nesmith Crate Late Model Series World Championships As 45 of some of the best Dirt Late model drivers in the country took qualifying laps Friday night to set the 4 individual heat races lineups at Bubba… read more
November 19, 2014


by Scott McAllister
CARTERSVILLE, GA – The anticipation is high for the $10,000-to-win 100-lap 10th Annual Chevrolet Performance World Championship Race for the NeSmith Late Models this Thursday through Saturday at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala, FL. This is due to the… read more
November 15, 2014

Preparations are under way at Bubba Raceway Park for the 10th Annual NeSmith Crate Late Model World Championships

by Scott McAllister
$1000 to Win E-Mod Show Added as Support Class (Ocala, FL) – As the racing season for 2014 begins winding down across Florida for many tracks, the action at Bubba Raceway Park in Ocala is about to pick up in a big way as the NeSmith Crate Late… read more
November 15, 2014

Bubba Raceway Park Results for 11/15/2014

by BRP Media
Modified - Feature Finish Start Car Driver Hometown Race Points 1 7 18JO J.o. Nobles Nahunta , Ga 50.00 2 8 61 Ronald Soltis Ocala , Fl 48.00 3 13 64 Austin Sanders Seffner , Fl 46.00 4 12 78 Rich Pratt Anthony , Fl 44.00 5 9 67 Garrett Stewart… read more

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