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Spooktacular Action At Bubba Raceway Park

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IMG 3922By- Jim Rouse
10/26/13. Ocala, FL- The Limited Sprints, Hobby Stocks, 1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks, TQ Late Models, and Rent-N-Roll Gladiators all took to the track with a spooky theme on board the property.

Hobby Stocks opened up the show with Mike Stalnaker the leader as Eric Moon chasing him until Moon’s rocketship stalled out on lap four. At the halfway point the caution would fly for the stopped car of Cory Hupp; Stalnaker would have to fend off Jon Layerd and Trey Cameron, III for the lead. Stalnaker would hold on for his third win of 2013 as Trey Cameron, III and Rebecca Paugh took career best finishes with second and third, respectively. Charles Cantley and Cory Hupp completed the top five.

TQ Late Models would attack the track next and ten-year old Austin Strosahl would lead lap one. John Hopke would steal the lead on lap two and proceed to pull away from the pack. After a few cautions Dave Rader would jump to the lead and leave John Hopke in his tire tracks. As Terry Wright fought for the lead with Rader, Wright spun the #007 machine around and had to go back to the tail. Dave Rader would win a shortened event to keep the division with no repeat winners. John Hopke would end up second over Austin Strosahl, Sean Babcock, and Kevin McKenzie.

The Limited Sprints went out third and Mark Ruel, Jr. opened up the gap over Tyler Godwin and Danny Martin, Jr. On lap fifteen, as he ran fifth, “Captain” Tony Agin would cross the #38 up in turn four and allow Godwin and Martin another shot at Ruel up front. Ruel would not be denied as he took a commanding victory over Godwin, Martin, Steve Darvalics, and Terry Witherspoon.

The 1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks put on a fantastic event with Shane Nichols leading early on. A few cautions would slow his progress and keep Jonathan Appleby, Jason Gamble, and Brandon Elwood on his tail. It would be lap 12 before one- Appleby- would take advantage of a slip-up from Nichols and put his nose in the lead. Appleby would hold on to win a caution-marred event over Elwood, Gamble, William Gillam, and Mark Trexler.

The Rent-N-Roll Gladiators had quite a battle for second as Robert Gullett pulled out to a massive lead and never looked back. Brandon haseleu would get the better of Stephen Frankland for second while Tyler Bryden finished fourth.

Next week the Bubba Army Late Models return as well as the Scorpion Racing Products Modifieds. Hobby Stocks, 1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks, and the Florida Mini Sprints will also help open up November! For more info please visit www.bubbaracewaypark.com or call us at 352-622-9400!
Bubba Raceway Park Results (10/26/13)
Bubba Army Limited Sprints:

Heat 1)

1- 24 Danny Martin, Jr.
2- 38 Tony Agin
3- 6 Brandon Grubaugh
4- 3 Otto Scrape
5- 3 Johnny Alexander
6- 42 Lee Scrape
7- 36 Ken Laureno
DSQ- 83 Mark Ruel, Jr.

Heat 2)

1- 98 Steve Darvalics
2- 82 Tyler Godwin
3- 3 AJ Maddox
4- 99 Gene Machuga
5- 2 Darren Orth
6- 43 Terry Witherspoon
DSQ- 02 Gene Lasker


1- 82 Tyler Godwin
2- 24 Danny Martin, Jr.
3- 98 Steve Darvalics
4- 43 Terry Witherspoon
5- 6 Brandon Grubaugh
6- 3 Johnny Alexander
7- 3 Otto Scrape
8- 2 Darren Orth
9- 38 Tony Agin
10- 3 AJ Maddox
11- 99 Gene Machuga
12- 42 Lee Scrape
SCR- 36 Ken Laureno
SCR- 61 Tim Grubaugh, Jr.
DSQ- 83 Mark Ruel, Jr.
DSQ- 02 Gene Lasker

Bubba Army Hobby Stocks:

Heat 1)

1- 22 Cory Hupp
2- 89 Trey Cameron, III
3- 23 Rebecca Paugh
4- 76 Dave Arivett
SCR- 51 Sean Monoghan
SCR- 75 Tom Sheehan

Heat 2)

1- 8 Mike Stalnaker
2- 24 Eric Moon
3- 17 Joey Forsyth
4- 02 Jon Layerd
5- 14 Charles Cantley


1- 8 Mike Stalnaker
2- 89 Trey Cameron, III
3- 23 Rebecca Paugh
4- 14 Charles Cantley
5- 22 Cory Hupp
6- 76 Dave Arivett
7- 02 Jon Layerd
8- 75 Tom Sheehan
9- 17 Joey Forsyth
10- 24 Eric Moon
11- 51 Sean Monoghan
1-800-ASK GARY Thunder Stocks:

Heat 1)
1- 6 Tony Campbell
2- 21 Jonathan Appleby
3- 13 William Gillam
4- 5 Shane Nichols
5- 73 Brandon Tillander
6- 15 Jonathan Perin

Heat 2)

1- 28 Brandon Elwood
2- 69 Jason Gamble
3- 16 James Erickson
4- 34 Mark Trexler
5- 12 Jim Leconte
6- 33 Melvin Fockler
7- 75 Tom Sheehan


1- 21 Jonathan Appleby
2- 28 Brandon Elwood
3- 69 Jason Gamble
4- 13 William Gillam
5- 34 Mark trexler
6- 33 Melvin Fockler
7- 6 Tony Campbell
8- 5 Shane Nichols
9- 15 Jonathan Perin
10- 75 Tom Sheehan
11- 73 Brandon Tillander
12- 16 James Erickson
13- 12 Jim Leconte

TQ Late Models:

Heat 1)
1- 2 Dalton Hopke
2- 1 John Hopke
3- 84 Scott Gray
4- 1 Jerry Heflin
5- 45 Perry Shoemaker
6- 11 Dale Nettles
SCR- 91 Jeffrey Collins

Heat 2)

1- 51 Don Strosahl, Jr.
2- 6 Dave Rader
3- 2 Harvey Johnson
4- 15 Austin Strosahl
5- 7 Kevin McKenzie
6- 18 Josh Gray
7- 9 Sean Babcock
8- 07 Terry Wright


1- 6 Dave Rader
2- 1 John Hopke
3- 15 Austin Strosahl
4- 9 Sean Babcock
5- 7 Kevin McKenzie
6- 07 Terry Wright
7- 91 Jeffrey Collins
8- 1 Jerry Heflin
9- 11 Dale Nettles
10- 2 Harvey Alexander
11- 18 Josh Gray
12- 84 Scott Gray
13- 2 Dalton Hopke
14- 51 Don Strosahl, Jr.
15- 45 Perry Shoemaker

Rent-N-Roll Gladiators:

Heat 1)

1- 2 Robert Gullett
2- 7 Stephen Frankland
3- 3 Brandon Haseleu
4- 31 Tyler Bryden
5- 75 Nick Arivett


1- 2 Robert Gullett
2- 3 Brandon Haseleu
3- 7 Stephen Frankland
4- 31 Tyler Bryden
SCR- 75 Nick Arivett


February 28, 2015

Attention Race Fans

by Scott McAllister
After consulting with drivers and teams, Bubba Raceway Park and Lucas Oil ASCS Sprint Car Officials have cancelled tonight's event due to inclement weather and there will be no make-up date. Join us next Friday for opening night of our 2015 racing season. The schedule will include UMP Modifieds, E-Mods, Galaxy Fireworks Hobby Stocks, V8 Thunderstocks and Mini Sprints. Pits will open at 5pm, grandstands at 6pm, hot laps will begin at 7pm and racing will start promptly at 8pm. For more information, call the office at 352-622-9400. read more
February 28, 2015

It's all Reutzel at Bubba Raceway Park with Lucas Oil ASCS

by Scott McAllister
OCALA, Fla. (February 27, 2015) The Lucas Oil American Sprint Series presented by MAVTV American Real paid its first visit Florida's Bubba Raceway Park with Aaron Reutzel picking up his second Protect the Harvest A-Feature win of the 2015 season.… read more
February 23, 2015


by BRP Media
Ocala, Florida…….Dave Darland added to the most impressive streak in USAC history on Sunday night at Bubba Raceway Park, as he added another AMSOIL National Sprint Car win to his list and made it 23 consecutive seasons with at least one win in a… read more
February 22, 2015


by BRP Media
Ocala, Florida…….Defending AMSOIL Sprint Car National Champion Brady Bacon wasted very little time getting himself into the win column with the 2015 tour, as he led all thirty laps and held on after a final-lap challenge from Chase Stockon to take… read more
February 21, 2015


by BRP Media
Ocala, Florida…….Robert Ballou opened the 2015 AMSOIL Sprint Car National Championship much the way he ended last season, as he fended off 2014 series champion Brady Bacon and drove away for the opening night win in “Winter Dirt Games VI.” The… read more
February 17, 2015


by BRP Media
USAC and Bubba Raceway Park officials have made the decision to move this week’s Season Opening USAC National Sprints racing schedule back one day. Practice will now be on Thursday night from 6pm until 9pm with Racing on Friday, Saturday and Sunday… read more

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