Mini Stock Division - Bubba Raceway Park, Ocala Florida

Mini Stock Division

MINI STOCK drivers review the addendum page for new weight guidelines.

  1. Top three dirvers from previous race start at the rear of the next race.
  2. The track may add weight to any driver that wins 2 consecutive races.
  3. All cars will weight one pound per cc with driver after the race. No penalty for over bore.
  4. 2500cc max. Maximum required minimum weight will be 2500lb.
  5. Any car without a stock chassis must add 100lbs. Stock chassis is defined as having a factory full firewall, floorpan, and factory suspension mounting points with the exception of front upper strut mounts may be relocated.
  6. Any car claiming 2500cc must have 50lb of lead in front of flywheel.


  1. Any four cylinder American or Foreign made production sedan.
  2. No sports cars, convertibles, high performance cars, station wagons, turbo or rotary cars.


  1. After market bodies legal.
  2. Trunk and engine compartments must be sealed from drivers compartment with a steel firewall.
  3. No hood scoups.
  4. Must have safety bars in front of driver.
  5. Must pass safety and technical inspection.
  6. Spoilers maximum 6 inches high may not exceed width of rear deck.
  7. Cars must have factory firewall and floorplan to the rear of the driver, enclosed compartment ok.


  1. Stock type suspension.
  2. Changing of springs permitted.
  3. Optional coil over front only– add 50 lbs.
  4. Lowering blocks and wedge bolts permitted.
  5. Strut cars may use adjustable plates for caster camber adjustments.
  6. Frame may be tied together with box tubing.
  7. Tube chassis ok, must be tied to driver compartment.
  8. Rear suspension optional.
  9. No after market rack and pinions.
  10. Any stock chassis with full firewall, floorpan and suspension mounts or pick ups will receive a 50 lb weight break.(Must be approved by the tech official before race.)


  1. Front of head must not sit more than one inch behind ball joint.
  2. No porting or polishing.
  3. No 2000 truck engines.
  4. Heads
    1. No aftermarket or 4 valve heads permitted.
    2. Overhead cams may machine lifters bosses for lash adjusters.
    3. Overhead cam heads may have cam towers reinforced.
  5. Valve Job
    1. Three angle permitted.
    2. Stainless valves okay, must be stock diameter for engine.
    3. May use after market springs retainers and locks.
    4. No titanium anywhere.
  6. Pistons
    1. Any flat top maximum .060 overbore plus wear.
  7. Rods
    1. Steel rods only. May change rod bolts and float pin end of rod.
  8. Crankshafts
    1. Stock cranks only.
    2. No lightweight or knife edging.
    3. May balance with normal balancing procedures.
      (IE: Drilling or adding heavy metal.)
  9. Blocks: Stock blocks only. No after markets. Piston may not protrude from deck. Head and main studs optional.
  10. Optional Equipment: Valve covers, oil pan, air filter, camshaft, headers and timing gears. No roller gears. No roller cam lifters or rocker arms.
  11. Stock unaltered OEM intake.


  1. Factory stock carburetor or stock factory replacement carburetor or any track approved two barrel not to exceed 500 CFM.
  2. May run Holley 4412, 500 CFM two barrel.
  3. Removal of choke butterflies and shaft permitted.
  4. May change jets.
  5. Carburetor Adapter
    1. May be made of aluminum or material to isolate heat.
    2. May not exceed 1″ height.


  1. Must be stock type, battery operated.
  2. Optional after market MSD ok.
  3. No crank triggered.


  1. Gasoline only!
  2. May run electric fuel pumps with oil pressure cut off switch and master electrical shut-off switch. Accessible to driver and safety personnel.


  1. Stock type must have all forward and reverse gears.
  2. Steel drive shafts only. Must be painted white.


  1. Interchanging of rear ends and transaxles permitted.
  2. Locked differential permitted.


  1. Stock diameter steel flywheel and clutch assembly only. 8 lb minimum.


  1. Must have four wheel operating brakes.
  2. May run aftermarket pedals and master cylinders.
  3. Brake bias permitted.


  1. 8″ wide track approved racing tires permitted.
  2. Steel wheel only 8″ maximum width.
  3. Over-sized studs and lugs permitted for safety.
  4. 13 Inch tires only.
  5. May run bead locks on right side.


  1. Mandatory! Must pass safety inspection.


  1. May be relocated and must be covered and securely strapped down.
  2. Cars must be self starting at all times.


  1. One pound per CC with driver after the race.
  2. Minimum weight 2100 lbs.
  3. Three valve heads must add 150 lbs.
  4. Any stock chassis with full firewall, floorpan and suspension mounts or pick ups will receive a 50 lb weight break.(Must be approved by the tech official before race.)

The absence of a specific rule or item does not mean it is approved. Consult with the tech-man for approval. All interpretations by the track are final. The track reserves the right to add weight to any competitor in the fairness of competition.

USAC Amsoil National Sprints 2/15/2019
1 #19AZ CJ Leary
2 #19 Kevin Thomas Jr
3 #7BC Tyler Courtney
4 #32 Chase Stockon
5 #5G Chris Windom
6 #12 Robert Ballou
7 #71P Jason McDougal
8 #20 Damion Gardner
9 #21 Carson Short
10 #7 Timmy Buckwalter
11 #69 Brady Bacon
12 #3R Kyle Cummins
13 #98E Chad Boespflug
14 #B1 Joey Biasi
15 #52 Isaac Chapple
16 #61M Stephen Schnapf
17 #33M Matt Westfall
18 #39 Matt Goodnight
19 #20G Noah Gass
20 #3 Dakota Jackson
21 #4 Justin Grant
22 #5 Dave Darland
23 #5K Kent Schmidt
Bilstein Mod Lite Stars 02/15/2019
1 #10K Alan Knepper
2 #12 Corey Babbitt
3 #20 John Pitts
4 #89 Geoff Youngblood
5 #1 James Hill
6 #52 Brenden Priest
7 #64 Randy Bryan
8 #5 Jason Darocha
9 #29 Donovan Jackson
10 #15 Chris Robinson
11 #3G Joe Glick
12 #28Q Eric Desilets
13 #40 Duane Williams
14 #820 Rod Jones
15 #14B Darren Bass
16 #16 Tim White
17 #10 Aubrey Taylor
18 #862 Mitch Ward
19 #28 Jason Tretheway
20 #99 Josh May
21 #59 Tracy Fritter
22 #99T Tyler Riggs
23 #97 Austin Martin
24 #44T Brian Teeters
25 #98 Matt Ward
26 #47 Ed Griggs