Treated Tires - Bubba Raceway Park, Ocala Florida

Treated Tires


BRP AND YOUR FELLOW RACERS will now have the ability to protest any of the 4 tires or replacement tires you raced during your 1st 2nd or 3rd place finish in any race or qualifying event.
Bubba Clem/Tom Bean

Attention BRP drivers, car owners and fans:

The new protest rule, to check for chemical soaking of tires will go into effect this weekend for the Mike Peter’s Open.

The track BRP reserves the right to check any tire at any time.

The cost to protest 1 tire is $150.00 (You can protest 1 tire or more you choose which tire you want to be sent to lab). The protesting driver must finish on the lead lap of the feature event and can protest any or all of the top 3 finishing cars for that night.

Once the tire sample is sealed the protesting driver and the protested driver must sign off on the evidence bag. Once results are confirmed through Blue Ridge Lab if tire sample is deemed legal the protested driver will receive $50.00 from the protest fee, if the sample is deemed illegal the protesting driver will receive $50.00 of the protest fees. If a protest occurs the pay for the top 3 driver’s will be held until results are confirmed with Blue Ridge Lab.

Penalty for infraction of chemically soaked tires will be as follows:

These Penalties will be placed in effect for the driver and car owner.

1st offense will be a $500 fine for the team and a 1 race suspension for car, owner and driver. Forfeit all money and points for that night.

2nd offense will be a $1000 fine for the team and a 1 year suspension for, owner and driver, from any type of competition at BRP including any speed-weeks or sanctioned events that may fall under their suspension time. Forfeit all money and points for that night. During any suspension you will not be able to compete in any other divisions at BRP. All suspensions start on the date infraction occurred.

USAC Amsoil National Sprints 2/15/2019
1 #19AZ CJ Leary
2 #19 Kevin Thomas Jr
3 #7BC Tyler Courtney
4 #32 Chase Stockon
5 #5G Chris Windom
6 #12 Robert Ballou
7 #71P Jason McDougal
8 #20 Damion Gardner
9 #21 Carson Short
10 #7 Timmy Buckwalter
11 #69 Brady Bacon
12 #3R Kyle Cummins
13 #98E Chad Boespflug
14 #B1 Joey Biasi
15 #52 Isaac Chapple
16 #61M Stephen Schnapf
17 #33M Matt Westfall
18 #39 Matt Goodnight
19 #20G Noah Gass
20 #3 Dakota Jackson
21 #4 Justin Grant
22 #5 Dave Darland
23 #5K Kent Schmidt
Bilstein Mod Lite Stars 02/15/2019
1 #10K Alan Knepper
2 #12 Corey Babbitt
3 #20 John Pitts
4 #89 Geoff Youngblood
5 #1 James Hill
6 #52 Brenden Priest
7 #64 Randy Bryan
8 #5 Jason Darocha
9 #29 Donovan Jackson
10 #15 Chris Robinson
11 #3G Joe Glick
12 #28Q Eric Desilets
13 #40 Duane Williams
14 #820 Rod Jones
15 #14B Darren Bass
16 #16 Tim White
17 #10 Aubrey Taylor
18 #862 Mitch Ward
19 #28 Jason Tretheway
20 #99 Josh May
21 #59 Tracy Fritter
22 #99T Tyler Riggs
23 #97 Austin Martin
24 #44T Brian Teeters
25 #98 Matt Ward
26 #47 Ed Griggs