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Open Wheel Modified Division

. Posted in Official Bubba Raceway Park Rulebook

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Open wheel modifieds will follow the UMP Dirt Car Modified rules with the following exceptions. 

Visit www.umpracing.com for all the details.

Engine, Weight & Spoiler:
GM Crate 602 or 604 Engines and Ford/Mcgunegil Crate motors; with Holley carb #80541-1 (650 cfm)
Minimum 2300 lbs. with 10” spoiler

Any engine 358c.i. or less with any 4 bbl. carb.
Minimum 2400 lbs. with 8” spoiler

Any engine 358.1 c.i. or more with any 4 bbl. carb.
Minimum 2450 lbs. with 5" spoiler

All weights are after completion of race with driver. No burn-off or tolerance.

Must run track approved tires.

NO tire softeners. NO soaking of tires. NO pre-heating of tires. NO chemicals of any type inside of tires except oxygen or nitrogen.  All tires are subject to a punch rule.

Quick changes are allowed.