Demolition Derby Rules

. Posted in Official Bubba Raceway Park Rulebook

Saturday September 8th, 2012 Purse:

$500 to WIN
$100 for Second
$50 for Third

REMEMBER: If it doesn't say you CAN do it, you CAN'T!

  1. All derby vehicles will be trailered to the inspection site at Bubba Raceway Park. Vehicles shall remain trailered until they pass inspection and are told where to unload. Driving or towing a demolition vehicle to Bubba Raceway Park is not acceptable. People in violation of state laws or local ordinances will be turned over to law enforcement and not be allowed to run in the derby - no refunds will be made.
  2. All drivers MUST be over 18 years of age, MUST possess a valid driver's license and MUST fill out and sign all necessary forms and waivers as designated by Bubba Raceway Park, LLC in its sole discretion.
  3. No passengers are allowed in derby vehicles at ANY time.
  4. Entries will be accepted up to two hours prior to start of the derby. Compact derby applications will be accepted up until noon.
  5. NO alcohol or drugs will be tolerated. Law Enforcement will be notified and violators will be removed from the facility.
  6. Conduct of a driver, his crew members or friends, can disqualify the driver from the event.
  7. Bubba Raceway Park and its designated Officials have the sole and absolute right to disqualify or not allow any participant or potential participant in the demolition in their sole and absolute discretion. Any decision, determination or disqualification with regard to any matter or any participant or potential participant at Bubba Raceway Park with regard to the demolition derby shall be final and not challengeable.
  8. ALL drivers will be required to sign an indemnification agreement releasing Bubba Raceway Park, LLC and its members, officers, employees and affiliates from any and all liability with regard to their entry into the demolition derby. Participation will not be permitted without a properly executed indemnification agreement.
  9. Drivers are required to wear crash helmets and safety glasses/goggles or face shield. Drivers are also encouraged to wear fire retardant overalls. If fire suits are unavailable all Drivers must wear closed toed shoes or boots with socks, long jeans or pants and a long sleeve shirt. Drivers must remain in their vehicle during the derby with their helmet on and chin strap fastened.  A driver shall be disqualified for failing to do so. Seatbelts are required and are to be fastened at all times while operating a derby vehicle. Participation without properly operating seat belts will NOT be allowed.
  10. Only the driver will be allowed to speak to the officials regarding the derby. Absolutely NO pit crew member or fan will be acknowledged.
  11. A protest will cost $100 cash up front. If the challenge stands, the money will be returned. If not, the money will be forfeited and turned over to the driver of the vehicle being challenged.
  12. Derby officials may require a driver to remove or change any part or portion of a vehicle which they consider to be unsafe.
  13. Absolutely NO hitting the driver's door of an opponent. Officials will determine whether any driver’s door strike was accidental or unavoidable. First accidental/unavoidable hit will result in a warning. The driver will immediately be disqualified upon a second accidental hit or an intentional hit to the opponent's driver's door.
  14. All drivers must attend a driver's meeting at the entrance to the derby arena one hour prior to the derby.
  15. If necessary, officials will deal with any situation not covered in these rules. All decisions of the officials are final.
  16. Please demonstrate good sportsmanship and have fun.
  17. Drivers must hit an opponent at least once every minute. Sandbagging will NOT be tolerated. The derby will be stopped and the sandbagger's car will be marked with a double 00 to signify to other drivers who the sandbaggers are. If a driver is caught sandbagging after already being marked with a double 00, the driver will be disqualified.

Rules 1-14 of the Registration and Rules

  1. Passenger cars only. No trucks, pick-ups, Jeeps, hearses, or commercial vehicles. No imperials or imperial sub frames.
  2. All glass must be removed from the vehicle.
  3. Radiator must remain in its original manufactured position. If it is removed, the block may be filled with water only - if radiator remains in stock position, overflow must point down at the ground.
  4. Original gas tank must be removed. Metal or plastic marine gas tank shall be used. Tank must be secured to the floor by straps and bolts. Tank shall not hold more than 6 gallons of gas.
  5. Bumper height shall not exceed 21" from the ground to the bottom of the bumper. Bumpers must be stock automotive bumpers. No other re-enforcement. No trailer hitches, or bumper mounted trailer balls.
  6. Hood and trunk will be chained or bolted. Exhaust is preferred to be upright out of the hood. There must be a hole in the hood surrounding the carburetor for fire extinguishing.
  7. All doors must be chained - no welds, except driver's door. Welds must be approved by an official.
  8. Driver's door is to be painted black and have a large white X from corner to corner on the door.
  9. No welding or additional re-enforcement will be allowed to any part of the car except the driver's door. One safety bar is allowed to run parallel along the dash and one behind the driver's seat. Bar shall not be any larger than 3" in diameter.
  10. No solid tires, no filled tires including foam, water, cement, etc. No studs, chains, etc.