Enduro Rules

. Posted in Official Bubba Raceway Park Rulebook


  1. It is the responsibility of the driver to know where the track stands on rules. If it is not listed in this/these rules do not do it with out the approval of the track.
  2. Any driver climbing out of car during the green flag will be disqualified. No exceptions!!!
  3. The first car to complete 150 laps is the winner.
  4. Starting order is determined be date of registration and entry. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!
  5. The race will be started with four (4) cars abreast.
  6. Cars will hold their position until the green flag is displayed.
  7. The yellow flag will not be used. If there are cars with breakdowns or crashed, the other cars will avoid them and continue to race.
  8. The red flag will be displayed only if the track is blocked and racing cannot continue. All cars must stop. The race will be restarted with the cars in the same position as before the red flag. Any car involved in the blockage that can continue, may do so.
  9. The flagman will indicate the middle of the race. The white flag will indicate the leader is on the last lap.
  10. Each entry must provide a scorer. A special area will be reserved for the scorer where they can follow the instructions of the head scorer.
  11. Race may be run either clockwise, counter clockwise or kidney bean configuration or any combination thereof.
  12. Track reserves the right to claim any entry for $1000.00.
  13. Entry fee is non-refundable. Entry fee can not be sold.
  15. This Enduro is open to anyone 14 years old or older. Minors must have proper release forms signed by both parents.
  16. Cars with flat tires must leave racing surface. Drivers who ignore the black flag and drive on rims will be banned from future Enduros and will not be paid for participation.
  17. Rupture of your gas tank and/or loss of gasoline require an immediate black flag.
  18. Driver changes are not allowed.
  19. A mandatory meeting for all drivers and scorers will be held on race day.
  20. No duplicate letters or 4 digit car numbers. Numbers will be reserved as entries are received.
  21. Numbers will be in contrasting color to the car, at least 18” high painted on both doors and roof.
  22. Pit gate opens at 10:00 a.m. All cars must be inspected no later then 2:00 p.m. Racing starts @ 3:00 p.m.


  1. Any sedan or station wagon is eligible. (Mandatory Fuel Cell in Station Wagon.)
  2. Minimum stock wheel base allowed is 101”. No sub-compacts allowed.
  3. Driver protection and or roll bars are optional; they must remain within the “DRIVER” area. At no time may they dissect, bisect or pass through any firewall. The roll bar may not reinforce the body or frame or alter the geometry of the racer, but serve only to hold the car off the driver when overturned as a safety measure.
  4. Seat belts are mandatory. Racing seat recommended.
  5. No bracing anywhere of any kind.
  6. All doors must be welded, bolted or chained shut.
  7. All glass must be removed except for windshield. If windshield is removed, 3 bars and screen mandatory.
  8. Complete steel firewall must seal the trunk area from the driver’s compartment.
  9. Complete bumper to bumper steel unibody must be retained.
  10. The stock steel unaltered floor pan, firewalls, trunk and trunk floor and wheel wells must be retained. No sections, chopping, or channeling allowed. Plastic front wheel wells may be removed.
  11. Cars must be strictly stock. No cutting, chopping, or channeling allowed. No ballast of any kind. Hood must be kept in place at all times. Body sheet metal must be kept in place at all times. No gutting of any type permitted.
  12. Headlights and taillights must be removed. All body side trim/molding must be removed. All interior upholstery must be removed, back seat, headliner, door panels and carpet. Only drivers seat remain.
  13. Gas tanks must be original and must be moved into the trunk and be strapped with four (4) steel straps front to back and side to side. Fuel cell is optional and Highly Recommended for your safety. Minimum ground clearance 12”.
  14. Battery may be relocated anywhere under the hood or in driver’s area but must be securely fastened and covered.
  15. Trunk lock must be removed and hood pins used.


  1. No modifying of suspension is allowable. THIS MEANS NONE! (Including caster and camber 2% max.)
  2. Suspension parts must remain absolutely stock for that make and model of car. NO spacers, lumber or chains, ect. may be used to alter stock suspension of car.


  1. Tires must be stock radial D.O.T. passenger car tires only, no fancy exotic trick gumball tires of any kind.
  2. NO tire softeners. NO soaking of tires. NO pre-heating of tires. NO chemicals of any type inside of tires except oxygen or nitrogen.
  4. No grooving of tires.
  5. Racing wheels okay must be stock offset and same offset on all 4 wheels. (1/2 inch tolerance). No altering of wheels allowed. No beadlocks.
  6. Wheel width maximum eight (8) inches.
  7. All four tires must be the same size before, during and after race. No exceptions!


  1. The engine must be strictly stock for that model and make and in its original mounts. No factory high performance allowed (Max .60 over).
  2. Exhaust system must be factory stock for make and model. Muffler, catalytic converter and tall pipe maybe removed. Y pipe may be removed. If removed must have pipes that exit past the driver. No after-market headers of any type permitted.
  3. Must pull 15” of vacuum at 1,000 rpm before and after race (No special ground cam shafts stock duration)


  1. Stock Transmission and rear end only. No factory high performance equipment allowed. Lock or Posi rear end allowed.


  1. Seat belts are mandatory and must be in good working condition.
  2. Approved fire suit and helmet required.
  3. Any loss of wheel or tire requires you immediately leaving the track. We will not allow any track damage. Damage to grass or infield while displaying your temper will not be tolerated.
  4. Working fire extinguisher is mandatory.
  5. Weld or chain bumpers to frame.
  6. Driver’s side window net is mandatory.
  7. Cars with open drive shafts must have straps ahead of the center of the drive shaft. Drive shaft must be painted white, and have car number on it.
  8. An engine kill switch must be mounted in the window net area and easily accessible by the driver and from the outside of the car. The switch must be clearly marked "Ignition switch" and show on and off position.
  9. See for more general and safety rules. It is your responsibility to know where the track stands on rules.