Emod Division - Bubba Raceway Park, Ocala Florida

Emod Division

In the E-Mod rules set forth below it is explained what you can do, ANYTHING else will result in being DQ’d. Bubba Raceway Park reserves the right to add weight to any car, anywhere at any time to keep all cars competitive.


  1. Deck Maximum width 68 inches.
  2. Deck can have a maximum of 3 inches of taper from rear to front.
  3. Top of deck must stop at motor plate at front.
  4. Minimum deck height 28 inches. Maximum deck height 38 inches.
  5. Maximum spoiler width 68 inches, height maximum 6 inches. Bends will not count as long as they are at 90 degree or at level bends. If they have any angle upward they will be counted in spoiler height.
  6. Window sails must start even at top of roof and taper to rear spoiler and must not protrude any higher than spoiler. Solid window sails ok or if you wish you may cut out windows in them you must cut but sides not just one. If spoiler is not incorporated into sail panels the end piece maximum height will be 6 inches X 10 inches long.
  7. Center spoiler brace 6 inches high X 10 inches long. One (1) only.
  8. Roof, Maximum width 50 inches. Maximum length 56 inches. Roof rake from rear to front maximum 3 inches.
  9. Door panels may extend 6 inches.
  10. Maximum length 56 inches.
  11. Door and quarter panels minimum 4 inches from ground.
  12. No closing of engine compartment.
  13. No air dams under deck or on frame.
  14. Front nose must be no wider than outside of the front of the frame horns, and must not extend past the leading edge of front bumper. Top of bumper must protrude above nose piece.
  15. Maximum nose and bumper length 42 inches from the center of spindle, minimum 6 inches of ground clearance for front nose.
  16. Right front brake shut off allowed.
  17. 2 ½ inch coilovers on rear are allowed.
  18. Steel body non-adjustable shocks only. Schrader valve shocks OK.
  19. 2400 lb minimum weight with original driver after the race.
  20. No claims in this division. Only protests.



  1. Any American V-8 cast iron factory production block as supplied by manufacturer.
  2. May use 1 or 2 piece rear main seal block.
  3. NO aftermarket blocks of any kind.
  4. NO 400 blocks.
  5. NO stroking or destroking.
  6. Block may be zero decked; piston can NOT protrude above deck surface.
  7. Block may be 2 or 4 bolt NO splayed main caps.
  8. Block may be bored 0.60
  9. 602 crate motors sealed from GM. No painting


  1. Factory OEM stock steel or cast
  2. May use aftermarket steel or cast.
  3. Must weigh minimum of 48 lbs.
  4. May use speedway part # 15-15350 or Scat part # 915-104420.
  5. May balance rotating assembly.
  6. May add weight to balance.
  7. NO grinding or polishing.
  8. NO knife edge crank.
  9. Chevy 3.48 stroke.
  10. Harmonic balancer, Minimum 6.75 inch diameter, must be nodular iron OEM style, with Elastomer insert. NO fluid dampers or 1 piece dampeners, must be steel.


  1. Factory stock appearing rod.
  2. NO H BEAMS.
  3. May use floated pin.


  1. Any stock appearing 2 or 4 eyebrow flat top piston, may be cast or forged.
  2. The total minimum weight of piston, rod and wrist pin = 1194 grams.


  1. 390/410 hydraulic only
  2. NO anti pump up lifters, must be stock OEM replacement
  3. Factory firing Order only
  4. NO 4/7 swap cams
  5. Timing chain and gear,
  6. Double roller OK
  7. Cam button OK
  8. Rear Bearing on cam gear OK.
  9. Must maintain 390/410 theoretical lift at valve.


  1. May use 100/1000 longer push rods.


  1. Stamped steel 1.5 ratio only
  2. 1.52 and 1.6 roller tips will be allowed
  3. May run 1.5 or 1.6 roller tip rockers, steel only
  4. May use speedway part #287-11801


  1. OEM factory open chamber ONLY.
  2. Valve size 194/150
  3. NO angle milling of heads.
  4. NO aftermarket heads of any kind.
  5. NO Vortec.
  6. NO 2.02
  7. NO Cleveland’s
  8. NO closed chamber
  9. NO angle plug heads
  10. May use Engine Quest EQ IMCA spec head CH350I with 76cc combustion chamber. Any EQ head machined to less than 76cc’s must add 100 lbs in front of the flywheel.


  1. 72cc minimum
  2. Pinning of studs.
  3. Maximum stud diameter 3/8 inch.
  4. Screw in studs OK, 3/8 inch.
  5. Guide plates OK.
  6. Maximum valve stem diameter 11/32,
  7. Valve springs maximum diameter 1.270.
  8. Factory stock length valves only.
  9. 3 angle valve cut OK.


  1. Minimum thickness 0.40, NO TOLERANCE!!!!!


  1. Must remain factory stock except for the following options:
  2. May recurve distributor.
  3. May use MSD module part # 547-83641.
  4. May lock vacuum advance.
  5. May run hot coil, may use MSD part # 547-8220.
  6. May use MSD distributor part # 910-12341.
  7. NO small body distributors.
  8. NO MSD boxes.
  9. NO traction control.
  10. May run bronze gear.



Holley 4412, must be as it came from manufacturer stock production, except for the following


  1. May use 50 cc accelerator pump.
  2. May change power valve.
  3. May change jets.
  4. Must be stock metering block.
  5. NO high performance metering blocks.
  6. NO billet metering blocks.
  7. Must have stock air horn, unaltered.
  8. Must pass NO GO gauges.
  9. NO drilling of throttle plates.

Holley 0-1850 VAC. SEC. ONLY.
Factory stock except for the following options:

  1. May use 50cc accelerator pump.
  2. May change power valve.
  3. May change front jets.
  4. May use fuel log. SINGLE FEED
  5. Front metering block must be stock.
  6. NO high performance metering blocks.
  7. NO billet metering blocks.
  8. May open rear jet orifices to adjust secondary fuel circuits.
  9. May use rear jet plate SMI part # 85-599 COST $1.95.
  10. NO rear metering block.
  11. May use center hung float bowls.
  12. NO drilling of throttle plates.
  13. Must pass NO GO gauges.
  14. Must have stock air horn, unaltered.

OEM Factory stock except for the following options:

  1. Removal of choke plates, shaft, and choke mechanism.
  2. Side load or front load OK.
  3. NO internal drilling to modify metering circuits.
  4. NO drilling of throttle plates.


  1. NO air boxes
  2. NO inside breather devices that redirect air flow.


  1. Any steel or aluminum 2 bbl or 4 bbl.
  2. Untouched out of the box.
  3. NO gasket matching.
  4. NO porting.
  5. Must use only 1 gasket per side.
  6. NO gasket stacking.
  7. May drill and tap intake for bypass cooling hoses if necessary.
  8. NO home made or custom intakes.
  9. All intakes MUST have legible casting numbers.


  1. In the event the carb and intake combination you are using requires an adapter it must be a Maximum thickness of 1 inch including gaskets, it must be a MR GASKET inexpensive part.
  2. NO spacers of any kind. If carb will bolt to intake without an adapter the maximum thickness of gasket is 5/16 inch.


  1. Any stock mechanical type OK.
  2. NO piston style pumps.
  3. NO vane type.
  4. Fuel pump must be mounted in stock OEM location on engine block.


  1. 87 to 93 octane only, must have 5% to 10% ethanol content (and we can test it at track) NO ADDITIVES OF ANY KIND
  2. 1st offense with wrong fuel- 10 point penalty and $50.00 fine.
  3. 2nd offense with wrong fuel- Lose all points and monies for that race night and $125.00 fine.
  4. 3rd offense with wrong fuel- Lose all points for season, $250.00 fine.


  1. Pump must be mounted in stock or close to stock location on front of engine.
  2. NO rear fuel pumps.


  1. Any header must run parallel to ground.


  1. Minimum 10.5 clutch disc.
  2. Must be stock in appearance.
  3. May have damper springs or solid center.
  4. NO light weight disc.
  5. NO finger disc.
  6. Factory stock flywheel. 14 lb minimum.
  7. May use finger or diaphragm pressure plate.
  8. May use hydraulic release bearing.


  1. Any OEM cast steel factory stock 3 or 4 speed.
  2. Must have all working gears.
  3. NO lightning of gears or internal parts.
  4. Automatic must be completely factory stock must have full size torque converter.
  5. NO shift kits.
  6. NO power glides.
  7. NO torque converter eliminators.
  8. No Bert, Brinn or any other type of internal clutch type transmissons.


  1. May use Hoosier 8″ E Mod tires. A40, D40 or Med compounds.
  2. NO tire softeners. NO soaking of tires. NO pre-heating of tires. NO chemicals of any type inside of tires except oxygen or nitrogen. All tires are subject to a punch inspection.


All protest procedures can be found under General rules section 6