Media Credentials - Bubba Raceway Park, Ocala Florida

Media Credentials

Thank you for your interest in covering our events at Bubba Raceway Park. To apply for 2018-19 Bubba Raceway Park media credentials / access to any of our three race weekends this season, please refer to the following guidelines:Media credential / access requests must be submitted at least two (2) weeks in advance of each Bubba Raceway Park event.

Requesting Access

Media credentials / access are issued to individuals who are on assignment only. All requests for credentials / access will be reviewed.All requests for media credentials / access must be submitted and written ONLY by the outlets’ Sports Editor and / or Sports Director. The specific outlet (print, TV, radio, web-based) must be identified as well.Please be specific when requesting credentials / access. Names as they appear on legal / valid photo identification of working media personnel only may be submitted at the time of the request. NO NICKNAMES.Indicate in what capacity working media personnel will be covering the event(s); i.e. writer, photographer, videographer. Also please indicate which – or all – race weekends at Bubba Raceway Park your personnel will cover this season.Only one (1) photographer per outlet will be granted access to Bubba Raceway Park Infield/Victory Lane. Indicate the name of the photographer to secure access at the time your request is made.Submit completed request featuring a company /outlet logo or letterhead electronically via:

Email to

Scan and email request to media

** NOTE: Telephone requests will not be accepted.Upon approval of a media credential / access request a confirmation email will be sent to the assigning media outlets’ Sports Editor and / or Sports Director.  However members of the media should confirm their media credentials / access prior to the week of the race if no email confirmation has been received.Misrepresentation by the holder of Bubba Raceway Park media credentials will result in the immediate loss of credential status and event access at the discretion of the Bubba Raceway Park management staff.