Pure Stock Division

The sole intent of this class is to provide a low cost entry level class. These cars are to be stock and intended to stay that way. Any infractions to these rules and the car and driver will be disqualified from the class. Officials decisions will be final. Officials will deal with drivers only. Drivers are responsible for the conduct of his pit crew and will be penalized for their inappropriate behavior. THE ABSENCE OF A RULE OR ANYTHING IN THE SO CALLED “GRAY AREA” DOES NOT CONSTITUTE ANYTHING OUTSIDE THESE POSTED RULES BEING LEGAL AND WILL IN FACT BE DEEMED ILLEGAL!!!! IGNORANCE IS NOT AN EXCUSE!!! 
  1. Parents of minors, the driver is the spokesperson for the car, NOT you!!
  2. If you hold a license (temporary or regular) in any other class you WILL NOT be allowed to race a pure stock.
  3. The minimum age of the driver is 14 years of age. Any driver under the age of 19 must have a release form signed by a parent/legal guardian.
  4. All cars must be safety inspected proper to being allowed to race. If any car is found to be unsafe by race officials that car will not be allowed to race until the infraction is corrected.
  5. Random checks will be done on any number of cars. Motor teardowns may be performed by track on any car.
  6. Full face helmets (Snell SA 2000 or newer required), fire suit, window net,5 point seat belts, fire retardant racing gloves, fire retardant racing shoes and aluminum racing seat are mandatory at all time on the track. Head and neck restraint system highly recommended as well as a full containment seat.
  7. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed until ALL classes of cars have completed racing. Violation of this rule will result in disqualification and/or suspension.
  8. No unsportsmanlike display of temper on the track, in field or in the pits at anytime.
  9. Penalties: If found illegal, fines and/or penalties will be imposed by Bubba Raceway Park. Fines must be paid prior to a driver competing in the pure stock class or any other class at Bubba Raceway Park.
  10. Anything not covered in these rules or the general track rules will be decided by track officials. OFFICIALS DECISIONS ARE  FINAL.


  1. Car must be stripped of all chrome moldings, emblems, pot metal, plastic and fiberglass to keep the track clean. Any 1950 or newer sedan, coupe or wagon is eligible. NO PICKUPS OR 4WD VEHICLES.
  2. Minimum stock wheelbase allowed will be 108”. No wheelbase alterations.
  3. Driver protection roll bars are required. No roll bar may alter the geometry of the car in any manner. It can be used only to keep the car off the driver in the event of a roll over. Six point roll cage of 1 3/4“ tubing minimum. CAGE MUST BE FROM THE FRAME TO ABOVE THE DRIVERS HEAD. The cage may extend through front fire wall and back to the rear bumper.  No offset cages and driver must sit in stock location. May construct a dash panel for gauges to extend from windshield cowling to roll cage dash bar. Any other constructed interior panels will be considered decking and not legal.
  4. Original gas tank must be removed and a fuel cell used.
  5. Bumpers must be anchored securely by welding, chained, or bolted to the body. No sharp edges. May use 1 3/4″ maximum o.d. tubing for bumpers with one hoop on top of front and rear bumper. Bumper ends must be looped back looped back into the  frame with no sharp edges.
  6. No bracing of any other kind any place on the car.
  7. All doors must be welded, chained or bolted shut. No sharp edges.
  8. All glass and flammable materials must be removed from the car prior to arrival at the track. No broken glass left in the car!
  9. Battery must be securely mounted in a battery box behind drivers seat, in the drivers compartment with an accessible battery master disconnect switch.
  10. All floor plans and firewalls (both front and rear) must be in place with no cutting of any kind any place on the body. All holes in firewalls and floor pans must be patched with steel.The body must remain stock and mounted in stock location. Aftermarket (steel only) body parts with stock dimensions and appearance will be allowed. Must retain stock, unaltered A posts, roof, B pillars and sail panels. Fenders may be trimmed for tire clearance. Top of front fenders must have all stock mounts. No other gutting or cutting allowed. Must have original hood with a minimum of 3 front hood pins and 2 rear hood pins. Hood may be gutted.
  11. Racing seat belts with shoulder harness must be in place and used. Belts must be three years old or newer.
  13. Four driver protection door bars and 3 passenger side door bars mandatory and must be inside of the car. Drivers side door bars must be covered by a single sheet of 16 gauge steel and securely welded to the outside of the door bars. Unibody cars may tie subframe to unibody with a maximum 6″ overlap. No double frames and no other frame modifications allowed.
  14. Steel screen to cover at least ½ of the windshield opening. Must contain a minimum of three vertical bars securely fastened at top and bottom in front of driver. Window net is mandatory.
  15. Aluminum radiators are allowed.
  16. Minimum of 18” high numbers will be clearly displayed on both doors and the roof.
  17. No spoilers, quarter panel windows or sail panel windows.
  18. Weight rule: Minimum 3200 pounds with driver after race. The top three in heats and top five in feature must cross the scale to be weighed. Weights may only be added within the confines of what would be the 4 corners of the shock mounts on the frame. Minimum of 2- ½” bolts must be used to mount weights. Car number must be on weights.


  1. No modification of steering or suspension allowed unless herein outlined.  All parts must be strictly stock for year make and model. No spacers, chains or racing suspension parts. Racing springs allowed. Springs must 12″ tall in front. Rear springs must be same height and minimum 5″ diameter. No spacers, buckets or spring rubbers. Left and right leaf springs must be same number of leafs and same arch. Stock, non-adjustable shackles only. No lowering blocks.
  2. No racing shocks of any type allowed to included Bilstein and Koni shocks. Must be an OEM type non-adjustable KYB,  Gabriel or Monroe type shock. There is a $40.00 claim on all four shocks ­ no exchange, outright only. Shock claim money must be in tech official’s hand before feature race begins.
  3. OEM factory braking system only. May remove brake booster and factory proportioning valve. No other type of proportioning valve allowed. Brakes must be able to lock up all four wheels. Four wheel brakes are mandatory. No aluminum brake drums.
  4. Stock ball joints for year make and model only. No offset ball joints. Stock bushings only. No “soft”, urethane or steel bushings  allowed.
  5. Stock rag joint may be replaced with a U-­Joint.
  6. No rack and pinion steering.


  1. Transmission claim rule is $250.00 in cash, no wrecker money needed and refusal is a $150 fine with a two week suspension.
  2. Drive shaft must be steel and painted white. Safety loop mandatory towards the front of the drive shaft that measures 2” wide by ¼” thick continuous hoop welded or bolted to chassis.
  3. Automatic transmissions only. No lightweight internal transmission parts. Stock working torque converters only 12” minimum. NO POWER GLIDES OR METRIC 200’s. Transmission must have three speeds forward and one reverse.
  4. Stock rear end and OEM factory production gear ratios only. No 8.5″ rear ends in metric car. Locked rear ends allowed. May mini spool or may be welded.No limited slip or posi traction allowed. Aftermarket stock replacement axles will be allowed (Mark Williams or Moser Axles as an example).
  5. No independent rear suspension.


  1. Engines may be bored to a maximum of .060 over the standard bore size. Stock type cast aluminum dished pistons with 4 valve reliefs MUST be used in any engine. No forged pistons. All engines must use stock, unaltered crankshaft and rods. May change rod bolts. No stroking or destroking of any engine. Piston must be a minimum of .010 below the deck of the block.
  2. The engine must be the same make as the Chassis. GM to GM, Ford to Ford/Mercury/Lincoln or Mopar to Dodge/Chrysler/Plymouth. Must have original mounts and may not be altered in anyway.
  3. Motors: 350 Olds, 350 Chevy, 351 Ford (No Clevelands) and 360 Mopars only. No fuel injection. Stock, unaltered cast iron intake manifold only. No marine, Bowtie, or aluminum intake manifolds. Stock appearing oil pans only, no kick outs. Stock camshaft specs only to include lift, duration and lobe separation. .390/410 theoretical lift. All engines must maintain 18″ of vacuum at 1000 rpms at all times measured at the intake manifold. No angle milling or performance enhancing work on heads or blocks. Stock open chambered heads only. No “X”, vortex or center bolt valve cover cylinder heads.  72cc(Chevrolet) and 56cc(Ford) minimum combustion chamber volume. Minimum compressed head gasket thickness of .026. No grinding of any castings. Casting marks and numbers may not be removed. Valve size must match head as it was manufactured. 1.94 intake valve size maximum, 1.5 exhaust valve size maximum. Valves must me stock length, non-stainless steel valves. No neck down, back cut or tuliped valves. Stock valve retainers only. Screw in studs, guide plates and bronze valve guide liners ok. 3 angle valve job ok, final cut not to exceed 75 degree. 1.260 maximum valve spring diameter and 80lbs maximum seat pressure. No beehive springs. Only stamper steel rockers arms with factory ratio for engine used. No roller tip. Stock length and diameter push rods. Stock balancer only, aftermarket stock appearing balancer allowed but must be minimum of 6 ¾” in diameter and 1 ⅜” in width/thickness. No lightened, fluid or aluminum balancers allowed. Stock 12 volt battery fired ignition only (stock working order). No aftermarket ignition allowed. O.E.M. distributor and coil only. Distributor may be locked. No high performance or printed circuit board modules. Alternator allowed. No center dump, LT1 or 1987 and     newer truck manifolds, must be cast iron only. No factory O.E.M. or aftermarket type of header allowed. Exhaust must extend behind the back of driver’s seat and 2.5″ maximum diameter, the entire length of the exhaust. Double row timing chain ok. No advancing or retarding of camshaft. Must be be run straight up.
  4. No aluminum water pumps
  5. Valve covers, pulleys, power steering pump, fan and spacer are builders choice.


  1. Holley “4412” carburetor only. No XP carburetors and must pass go no go gauges. Jets, power valve and squirter may be changed. Choke plate and shaft may be removed. Boosters may be epoxied but no other modifications allowed.  $250 claim on carburetor.
  2. No open air cleaner tops. No cool air boxes or fuel cooling devices.
  3. Maximum 1” thick aluminum adapter only with two straight perpendicular holes the sale size and a single mounting gasket used on either side of adapter. No adjustable spacers or sliders allowed.
  4. Stock fuel pumps only. No race gas, pump gas only. No E-85.
  5. Must use solid throttle linkage and gas pedal with toe strap.


  1. Hoosier H500 tires only. No grooving, siping, needling or chemical alterations of tires allowed.
  2. 8″ wide steel, non-beadlock wheels only. May use racing wheel but they must be 3″ offset.
  3. All cars must use 1″ lug nuts on all four wheels of the car.
Updated on 04/25/2018