602 Late Model Rules

  1. 2400lbs.
  2. 1lb per lap burn-off-Feature only
  3. No lead or additional ballast bolted to any suspension component.
  4. All lead must be securely mounted, painted white and have car number on it.
Engine: GM 602 Crate Only These engines are sealed at the intake manifold, cylinder head, front cover, and oil pain with special twist off bolt heads. Crate engines must not be altered, modified, or changed from factory specs. The penalty for anyone tampering with, or modifying any internal engine parts, changing the parts from stock as delivered sealed from the factory will be subject to expulsion from any racing event for the remainder of the season. This can also be reason for a fine or suspension from the track. No changes are allowed to the engine, intake manifold, heads, valve covers, front cover, oil pan, harmonic balancer or any other part/or parts on/in engine. No vacuum pumps. All crate engines must remain stock as they came sealed from the factory. Crate engines must not be altered, modified or changed from the factory specs. Must meet GM/Crate USA engine specs   Carburetor:
  1. Any 4-barrel carburetor.
  2. Engine must be naturally aspirated.
  3. May use one carburetor spacer (1” maximum) 1.350” maximum including gaskets. One gasket between intake and spacer and one gasket between spacer and carburetor. Spacer may not protrude into intake in any way.
Fuel System:
  1. No electric pumps permitted.
  2. Pump gas or racing fuel. E-85 ok. No Methanol, alcohol, nitrous oxide, nitromethane, MTBE, hydrazine or ethylhexanol. Any fuel tested and found to contain any of the above will be deemed illegal.
  3. Any fuel with a specific gravity exceeding .744 at 60 degrees will be deemed illegal. E85 specific gravity not to exceed.786 at 60 degrees. Fuel samples my be taken at any time during an event.
  1. Any Electronic Ignition System, MSD or HEI.
  2. No magnetos.
  3. NO traction control.
  1. Collector type headers ONLY. NO 180, Zoomies, Tri-Y or merged collector headers.
  1. Standard 4 speed or automatic transmission. After market SAFETY bell housing and automatic cases permitted.
  2. Bert or Brinn Transmission allowed.
  3. Transmissions must have 2 working forward and a reverse gear.
  4. NO Tex, Jerico, or quick-change transmissions.
  5. Ball spline transmission’s Mandatory to run a carbon fiber drive shaft. This is a safety requirement.
  1. Standard quick change rear end permitted. No Titanium or exotic material axles, spools, gears, or other materials inside rear end.
Engine Position:
  1. 6 1⁄2” from center of ball joint to #1 spark plug, 1⁄2” tolerance. 50lb weight penalty for every 1⁄2” out of tolerance mounted in front of water pump.
  1. 103” wheelbase minimum, 1” tolerance.
  2. Any Late Model Chassis allowed, Square tube or Round tube. NO aluminum frames, square tube frames must be a minimum of 2”x 2” tubing, round tube must be a minimum of 1 3⁄4” tubing. Full racing roll cage mandatory, 1 1⁄2 OD x .090 steel tubing minimum.
Suspension: Standard late model suspension only (4-bar, swingarm, z-link, etc.)
  1. No spring loaded, or shock type 4 bar rods allowed, rods may be constructed of steel/aluminum and be solid.
  2. No torsion bars
  3. 1 mechanical traction device allowed. (5th coil, torque link, or pull bar) NOT BOTH
  4. 1 90/10 shock allowed horizontally over rear end
  5. 1 coil spring per corner of car, 1 coil spring for the 5th coil, and 1 coil spring fo the 6th coil allowed. Take up springs ok.
  6. No stacked springs allowed; any single spring ok
  7. LR in front shock (traction shock) allowed
  8. Spring rubbers allowed.
  9. Bump stops allowed on RF only. Packers/shims ok
  10. 1 bump stop washer allowed on LR, RR, and LF as a shock saver to prevent rod-end jam nut from damaging rod guide (1/8” max thickness)
Shock Rules:
  1. 7 shocks allowed on car max. (1 LF, 1RF, 1RR, 2 LR, 1- 5th coil, and 1 90/10 over rear end)
  2. Shocks can be steel or aluminum
  3. Non-adjustable shocks only, no remote reservoirs
  4. No thru rod or J-damper shocks allowed
  5. Schrader valves and piercing valves for gas replacement/adjustment ok.
  6. Shock claim rule is $250 per shock. You must finish on the lead lap and in the top 3 to claim shocks. Any driver finishing in the top 3 may claim shocks from any car that finishes in top 3. Shock claim does not include springs or coil over kits, it does include anything attached to shock shaft (bump stops, bump springs, shock/extensions)
  1. Crate Racin USA body rules apply.
  2. Light tube bracing behind bumpers. NO pipes or push bars in front of bumpers.
  3. Spoiler 8″ maximum height, 8″ maximum width on side pods.
  4. All Body Panels Must Be Solid, No Holes, Slots or Air Gaps.
  5. Deck height is 38” max (1” tolerance) measured in the center of the T-bar, no bent of curved T-bars allowed
Wheels and Tires:
  1. Any Wheel, 14” maximum width. Bead-lock permitted any position.
  2. Wide 5 wheels and adapters permitted.
  3. Hoosier Spec 1350 or Spec 1600. Hoosier Spec D21 or D55. Crate Racin 21 or 55.
NDRA 1350 are the only Allowed tires.
  1. Grooving & siping ok. No chemical treating or altering. Subject to durometer testing & sampling.
Safety: General Safety Rules
  1. Each competitor is solely responsible for the effectiveness and proper installation, per the manufacturer’s specifications, of personal safety equipment and determining it to be adequate for competition at every event. Each competitor is expected to investigate and educate themselves for continuing improvement regarding their own personal safety equipment.
  2. Different safety regulations may be in place depending on the local and/or state government rules and/or laws and/or regulations in the specific location of the racetrack. Helmet and seatbelt dates and/or specified equipment requirements, worn, utilized and/or otherwise may be different than specified in the rulebook. Contact your local track officials for more information regarding this.
  3. All participants are solely responsible to meet the requirements in the specific division.
Seat Belt and Restraint System
  1. Each car must be equipped with minimum of an SFI 16.1 or SFI 16.5 approved restraint system. Restraint system will be eligible for use in competition until the expiration date or for 2 years from the date of manufacture. Seat belt restraint systems shall be installed and used in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.
  2. In any type of manufacturer’s installation, the fasteners must be as supplied by the manufacturer.
  3. Seat belt material should not be permitted to come in contact with any sharp or metal edge, including when the material passes through the seat.
Protective Clothing
  1. All drivers will be required to wear a fire-resistant driving uniform meeting minimum of the SFI 3.2A/5 specifications and display a valid SFI 3.2A/5 label on the outside of the uniform. Damaged uniforms will not be allowed.
  2. Drivers must wear gloves at all times they are on track. Driver’s gloves must meet or exceed the SFI 3.3 specification and have a legible and valid SFI 3.3 label.
  3. Drivers must wear shoes that meet minimum of the SFI 3.3 specifications and display a valid SFI 3.3 label.
  1. All current seats must be full containment type constructed of aluminum or approved carbon fiber and must adhere to the general design specifications of SFI 39.2 seat construction standards. Design shall include comprehensive head surround, shoulder, and torso support system, energy impact foam, and removable head foam.
  2. Carbon fiber seats must have a current valid SFI 39.2 certification.
  3. Up fitting a current seat with bolt on kits will be permitted with a seat manufacturer produced kit and an acceptable base seat approved by the seat manufacturer. Components must include comprehensive head surround, shoulder and torso support system, energy impact foam. Must be installed in accordance to seat manufacturer’s instructions. Combining components may not meet SFI 39.2 Certification.
  4. Seats must be used as supplied and installed following instructions provided by the seat manufacturer.
  5. If the left side head surround is 7”-inches or less when measured from the back of the headrest, then a left side head net meeting the SFI 37.1 must be installed with a quick release latch. A minimum left side head surround of 4”-inches is required.
  1. All drivers must wear a full-face helmet with a minimum safety rating of FIA 8860- 2010, FIA 8860-2018, Snell SA 2015, Snell SA 2010, Snell SAH 2010 and/or a valid SFI 31.1/2005 label.
Head and Neck Restraints
  1. Drivers, at all times they are on the track, must have their helmets correctly (following manufacturers installation and use instructions) connected to an approved head and neck restraint.
  2. The head and neck restraint must be SFI 38.1 approved and display a legible and valid SFI 38.1 label.
Fire Suppression (There will be a 25lb. weight break given for a 10lb Fire Suppression System)
  1. It is highly recommended that all race cars shall be equipped with a thermally deployed SFI 17.1 specifications automatic fire suppression system.
  Disclaimer: It is stated in the rules above what you can do to your car. Please consult tech-man for certification only. If not in writing, no “he said/she said” is acceptable by management. All tech decisions are final, and a disqualification means ALL money, prizes, and points are forfeited. All drivers visiting track for first time must go through Pre-Tech. No grinding or defacing of any casting numbers. Any engine parts with missing or altered casting numbers are illegal regardless of the reason. Tech inspector will weigh and inspect various parts of Top finishing cars every week after heats and features. A competitor may file a protest to further inspect cars and engines. Crate Engine Protest: $150 to vacuum test, rate valve springs, compression test and verify seals. (Further inspection and tear down will be decided by track officials and tech inspector). Crate Engine Claim: $3850 claim rule on 602 GM crate engine-$150 to track. Will be delivered as it comes from GM-no accessories. Must finish in TOP 5 to claim-May only claim a higher finishing competitor. All Protests must be Submitted to Tech Inspector at Tech area within 10 minutes of completion of feature by thee driver. All Protest must be submitted in writing and have the cash in hand. All Counter Protest must be submitted in writing and with cash in hand with in 10 minutes of original protest. Track officials and tech inspector reserve the right to inspect and tear down any car at any time. Management is committed to maintaining a fair and even playing field for all competitors and will consistently be researching and evaluating all facets of tech inspection.