2022 Ford Outlaws

***no phones or communication devices in car ***Track reserves the right to swap computers amongst competitors at any given time. A. SPIRIT OF THE RULES – The creation of an affordable, entry-level way to enter stockcar oval and figure 8 racing. Keeping the cars very stock is the priority. Changes not listed in these rules are not allowed. B. CARS – Only the Ford Crown Vic, Mercury Grand Marquis, or Lincoln Town Car 1995 and newer. C. DRIVERS – Must wear a clearly-labeled helmet that meets or exceeds the 2010 SA Snell or SFI 31.2 standards. Fire suit, racing shoes and racing gloves are mandatory. The use of an approved neck brace or Hans style device is highly recommended. D. CAR NUMBER – number must be officially registered. Numbers must appear on both front doors and on the roof. Door and roof numbers shall be a minimum of 18” tall and 3” in line thickness. Numbers must contrast in color (light vs dark) from car color. The roof number needs to be facing the passenger side of the car. There must be a 6” white car number in the upper corner of the windshield on the passenger side of the car. E. TECH – Car must go thru inspection at its first visit to the track. After each feature the top 3 finishers and any other cars selected will go to tech. Those drivers and 2 crew members can assist with tech on those cars. F. CHEATING – 1st offense will bring driver and car disqualification from that event as well as both being suspended from the next event. A 2nd offense will bring a driver ban from all Citrus racing for one year.


A. ENGINE – Must remain an entirely stock 4.6L SOHC engine. Manifold stock. Air filter stock. – AC compressor, lines, and ac/heater core box in engine compartment may be removed. B. RADIATOR – Must contain water only. C. BATTERY – May remain in stock location or battery may be moved inside drivers compartment and must be securely mounted and covered. D. FUEL KILL SWITCH – In rear of deck or behind drivers roll cage or kill all switch if battery is relocated. E. EXHAUST – Muffler is required. Exhaust is 2-1/2″ max. No X, H, or y pipes. Pipes must go beyond the driver area and exit to the side or rear. Catalytic converter may be replaced with pipe F. TRANSMISSION – Must remain entirely stock. G. REAR END – Must remain entirely stock. Factory gear only 2.73-3.73 ratios only. No aftermarket lockers. You may weld the spider gears or use factory posi. 2002 and older cars may use 4.10 and numerically lower ratios.


A. ROLL CAGE – maximum of a 4-point cage with 1 ¾ .095 tubing with 4 curved door bars on the driver’s side and 4 curved door bars on passenger side to be eligible to race figure 8’s. Straight bars can be used on the passenger side for oval racing only. Must have a foot bar under the driver’s feet that extends from bottom of left “A” post to bottom of right A post of roll cage to be eligible to race figure 8’s. Must have a bar centered over transmission tunnel that connects the foot bar to the dash bar, a centered bar from the dash bar to the halo over drivers head and a centered bar from the halo to the hoop behind the driver’s seat to be eligible to race figure 8’s. Must have a bar that connects left and right legs of hoop behind driver’s seat just above the driveshaft tunnel and another one welded at approximately half the distance from the top of driveshaft tunnel to the roof. The rear hoop behind the driver’s seat must have an “x” from top left corner of hoop to bottom right leg of hoop and from the top right corner of hoop to the bottom left leg of hoop to be eligible to race figure 8’s. Must have a diagonal bar from bottom right front A post leg of roll cage to the mid mounted bar behind driver’s seat bar that is to be welded at what would be the center of the “x” in the hoop behind driver’s seat to be eligible to race figure 8’s. Cage must be welded to the frame and not the floor pan. A driver’s door plate is recommended. No offset cages. All roll cages must be painted. B. SEAT & BELTS – A racing seat is required along with a 5-point racing harness. Belts can be no older than 3 years past the clearly marked manufacturer dates on them. C. WINDOW NET – A properly mounted window net is mandatory and must be used at all times on track. D. STEERING COLUMN – Must remain stock. Adding of a quick disconnect steering wheel is allowed. E. WINDSHIELD – Must have 2 half inch bars in front of driver for protection. (Metal screen is recommended but not mandatory) Glass must be removed, all mirrors must be removed. F. DASH – Must remain stock. All airbags in the entire car must be removed. G. PEDALS – Must remain stock. H. BALLAST – No adding of any weight to the entire car. Track can add weight to any competitor at any time


A. SUSPENSION – No altering of the suspension. Sway bar may be removed. including sway bar links. No spacers of any kind. No air rides. No cutting, no heating, or no lowering of springs. Shocks and springs can only be replaced by same stock parts or OEM replacements. Springs may not be cut and must be same size from side to side. (can cut two 2” holes above rear shocks to access top shock nut). Shocks must be Monroe, KYB, Ford Factory OEM replacement or sensitrack. NO RACING SHOCKS B. CASTER & CAMBER – You may adjust as factory adjustments allow. May run aftermarket camber bolts (only Moog Pt#K100094 or other aftermarket equivalent manufacture C. TIRES – All season tires only. These tire sizes only 235/55/17, 225/60/16, and 215/70/15. No high performance tires. No directional tires. Nothing under 350 tread wear or any tire that cost $125.00 or more. No autocross tires. No tire soaking or treating. D. WHEELS – Must be steel stock wheels. All 4 wheels must be the same size and offset. No wheel spacers. No offset wheels on cars 2003 and newer. 2002 and older cars may use dodge charger factory 17-inch steel wheels. E. BUMPERS –May use 1.75″ pipe front bumper. 8″ stub out from frame of car and bumper must be looped back into frame. one top loop is permitted with no bracing of any kind. no square tubing. if the bumper does not conform to these rules, you will be forced to cut the bumper off and race without one for the night. F. HOOD/TRUNK – Must have hood type pins for easy access by track officials. No bolting down. G. CAR CLAIMER – To claim a car you must be on lead lap, finished in the top 5, and the car claiming or being claimed must’ve raced at least 3 points races for the year. claim must be in writing within 15 minutes after feature or before car clears tech for the night! can only claim cars that are in the top 5. Claimer is $2,000 for car; driver may take seat and belts out! Citrus County Speedway reserves the right to claim any car for $2,000. the Car being claimed has the right to counter-claim. any claim that is denied will result in a dq for the night. claimer for cars with approved figure 8 cages is $2,500. Same rules for how to claim car as above. H. MAJOR INFRACTIONS – If you have been caught for any performance enhancing computers, performance aftermarket parts, the car and the driver will be BANNED from the Ford Division PERMANENTLY!