Gladiator Division

Keep it inexpensive, easy and fun. The general rules apply to drivers eligible for this division: Drivers may not move down more than one division without permission from the management. The top three finishers from the previous week will start at the rear of the feature the next race event. SAFETY:
  1. 4 point safety harness mounted to roll cage. Lap portion may be mounted securely to the floor or original seat belt mounting points.
  2. Battery disconnect switch must be accessible to driver, track safety crew and track officials.
  3. Fire suit, fire shoes, and fire gloves required. Neck brace recommended.
  4. Dot approved helmet and safety goggles or face shield.
  5. Window net with approved release. Drivers windshield must be removed and have bars or wire mesh installed for safety.
  6. If no factory installed fuel shutoff, one must be mounted within reach of the driver, safety crew, and track officials.
  7. Approved fire extinguisher mounted within reach of driver.
  8. Battery may be relocated to driver’s compartment. Must be in a marine type sealed battery box.
  1. Any 4 or 6 cylinder, front or rear wheel drive car, max 106″ wheel base. Trucks only are allowed 110″ wheelbase. COMPLETELY STOCK OEM! No turbos or super chargers. No special order or high performance cars. Must be available for purchase in the USA. No gutting, chopping, torching, or cutting. LEAVE IT ALONE!
  2. Engine: Completely OEM stock engine for year make and model. NO TINKERING with engines. GM 3.1 maximum. Ford 3.0 maximum. Dodge 3.0 maximum. No boring. No cleaning of engines.
  3. Differential: Stock OEM for make and model. Rear wheel drive cars will be allowed to weld and lock their differential. Differential must remain Stock OEM for make and model. No Posi-Traction.
  4. Suspension: Stock OEM. No modifications of any kind.
  5. Transmission: Stock OEM. No modifications of any kind.
  6. No fuel additives.
  7. Tires: All tires same size all rims same size. 13″, 14″, 15″ or 16″ rims okay. Stock offset. 60/70/75/78/80 series DOT tires approved. No truck or trailer tires. NO tire softeners. NO soaking of tires. NO pre-heating of tires. NO chemicals of any type inside of tires except oxygen or nitrogen. No leaning of tires.
  8. Stock gas tank in stock location as long as it is in front of the rear axle. Optional fuel cell/steel boat gas tank (max 12 gallon) IF MOUNTED IN TRUNK. Must be in a steel case with at least 2 steel straps mounted securely to the floor of the trunk.
  9. Remove all glass from vehicle. Door panels may be removed to remove door glass. Doors must be welded shut. Hood hinges must remain in stock location. All hoods must have hood pins, latches removed. All body sheet metal must be kept in place. Trunks must have lid pins and latches removed. Trucks must weld tail gate shut. No sheet metal screws, pop rivets only.
  10. Head lights and tail lights must be removed. If equipped with a third tail light in the middle leave and let the fans watch it.
  11. Remove the hood insulation.
  12. Roll Cage: 4 point minimum. Must have at least single loop roll bar with crossbar and down bars. Cage may exit drivers compartment. Must be welded to 4″ x 4″ x 1/8″ plate and bolted or welded to floor pan or frame. Driver’s door bar must extend 3″ past front and rear of driver’s door. Continuous welds must be used on all joints.
  13. If equipped with airbags they must be disarmed.
  14. Keep the horn in working order so you can honk it at the fans.
  15. Catalytic converter and muffler may be removed. Exhaust must exit past driver.
CAR CLAIMING PROCEDURES: In order to claim a car the driver must have competed in six race events in the Gladiator division. The driver must finish on the lead lap and behind the car he/she is claiming. The driver then may claim the car for $650.00 cash. The driver must stop on the front straight away and notify the flagman of the claim. Then the cars will be pushed to tech. The driver being claimed may remove all safety equipment from the car including fuel cell if installed. The driver being claimed keeps the entire amount of cash $650.00 and the car of the claiming driver. The claiming driver may also remove his/her safety equipment. If a driver refuses to surrender a car being claimed he/she will be disqualified. Abuse of this claimer rule will not be tolerated. The track reserves the right to also claim any ones car in the division for the same dollar amount. Remember inexpensive racing!