Race Results for April 10, 1999

Race Results for April 10, 1999

Ocala, FL, April 10, 1999 – Great racing, cool breezes, happy fans, these things are what make Ocala Speedway the place to be on Saturday night.

The Coca-Cola 4-Cylinder Bombers raced in a full field tonight. Jesse Alphonso had pole position with Mike Hillary on the outside. The domino effect took hold on the first lap when six cars piled up one after another in turn 1. A double-up restart was called to order. This start was good for two laps when another yellow flag came out for a small pile up on the backstretch. After a short clean up period, racing restarted. For all of the laps so far, Alphonso had lead the field. Tim Ellis in the 12 car jumped quickly to the lead, but he gave it back to Alphonso before the next lap was completed. Another caution flag flew and 63 and 43 were sent to the rear. From this point on, the racing was fast and furious. Pete Close had been making his way from the rear and by the 4th lap, he was solidly in first position. Alphonso appeared to be losing power and Chris Richardson and Matt Connelly passed him. On lap 11, Brock Oglesby in the 88 car had moved into fourth. Pete Close took the checkered flag. Chris Richardson came in second with Matt Connelly in third. Brock Oglesby made his best showing this season by finishing fourth. Tim Ellis took home fifth.

The WTRS Pure Stocks had a full field for the feature. Mark Wilson in the 71II car had pole position and Larry Bowden sat on the outside. This feature was free of any cautions. Racing was hot as Wilson took the lead for the first 5 laps. Bowden managed to slip by him on lap six. Chuck Stewart in the 8 car raced most of the feature in third. John Betts in the 81 car had started back in the pack and he used each lap to gain a position. Larry Bowden took the checkered flag with Mark Mitchell just inches behind him for a near photo finish. Chuck Stewart claimed third with John Betts pulling in fourth. Dave Dinehart filled out the top five.

The Dave’s Towing Hobby Stocks saw full-field action. Shane Nichols in the 65 car had pole position with Alan McCafferty in the 32 car beside him. Lap four had the only caution of the feature when car number 78 took a spin turn 2. Restart was quick and Nichols still held onto his lead. The battle for second position was hot between McCafferty and David Baxley in the 64 car. Baxley second position and began to challenge Nichols. Nichols held him off until he ran into some lapped traffic that caused him to get bunched up and when the dust was cleared, he found himself back in third. Baxley led for the last six laps and took the checkered flag. Alan McCafferty came in second going sideways for an exciting finish to this hotly contested feature. Shane Nichols took home third with Mike Wilson in fourth. Moose Alderman came in fifth.

The Steven A. Bagen Late Models had their turn at Ocala Speedway’s tri-oval. A full field of racers took to the pavement for some real excitement. Roger Damron driving the 96 car had pole honors. Kevin Bryant sat on the outside in the 54 car. Damron quickly took the lead with Chip Shell in the 2x car riding his bumper. A yellow caution came out in lap 3 when the 92 car spun on the front stretch. He was immediately back under way so the restart came quickly. Damron still had the lead in front of Shell. Harold Rankin in the 2 car hung on to third position with Bryant in fourth. Racing was clean until lap nine when Rankin spun in turn 4. Rankin and Bryant were sent to the rear. Damron was in top form tonight as he opened up a small bit of working room. Herb Neumann found himself in third now and he used the track well to challenge Shell. Neumann made a strong bid and moved into second around lap 22. Neumann’s challenge on Damron was answered and then bested as Roger Damron took the checkered flag under pressure from Neumann who claimed second. Chip Shell came in third with Rich Pratt taking fourth. Kevin Bryant came home fifth.

Don’t miss any of the Ocala Speedway racing season. Next week, Ocala Speedway will feature a 50-lap modified feature, all divisions and the Dwarf Cars!