Race Results for August 14, 1999

Race Results for August 14, 1999

Ocala, FL, August 14, 1999 – A welcome cloud cover rose up over Ocala Speedway tonight and provided cooling for this hot summer night. Fans were treated to a great night of racing as they cheered on their favorites.

The Coca-Cola 4-Cylinder Bombers brought out a full field of racers tonight to run this special 25-lap feature. The drivers earned double points and double money for this special feature bringing out a large field of entries. Bruce Teague (63) had the pole and Gary Hotalen (312) sat on the outside. Teague took and held the lead for one lap before he gave way to Danny Cretty (01). Lap two was just completed when Leo Kasper (74) and Leon Anglin (8) got tangled up on the backstretch. The feature got back underway and two laps later, Dave Neiswender (69) moved up into second. Brock Oglesby (88) also powered by Teague to take third. Another caution flag flew after lap ten when the 03 car spun in turn four. The leaders seemed secure in their positions but the rest of the pack was battling hard. Terry Dunbar (72) whacked the front wall hard but no flag was thrown. Dunbar stalled on the front stretch four laps later, this time causing a yellow flag to fly. Jeremy Finnegan (89) also stalled but racing resumed quickly. Lap eighteen saw some excitement as Neiswender got loose in turn two and spun. He held his car well and the pack went by without incident. Oglesby let Neil Durbin (33) get by him in the mix-up and Chauna Johnston (43) found her way up into fourth. The last lap drew the crowd to their feet as Oglesby moved to the inside and passed Durbin on the way to the wire. Danny Cretty took the checkered flag well out in front of the field. Brock Oglesby took second with Neil Durbin taking third. Chauna Johnston took home a well-earned fourth as Bruce Teague came in fifth.

The WTRS Pure Stocks filled the track tonight at Ocala Speedway. This feature was caution free although the excitement level was very high. Mark Mitchell (71II) sat on the pole and Jason Gamble (21) sat on the outside. Gamble made a hard dive for the lead when the green flag dropped and he immediately opened up some working room. Mitchell rode behind him in second position with Richard McGlashan (113) and John Betts (81) closing in. McGlashan was able to power by Mitchell and take second and Betts closed in and took third. Back in the pack, Dave Dinehart (79) was working his way up through the ranks and by lap nine, he overtook Mitchell to take fourth. Jason Gamble took the win by a quarter track lead and Richard McGlashan followed in for second. John Betts settled for third after some hard-fought battles with McGlashan and Dave Dinehart took home fourth. Mark Mitchell brought in the top five.

The Dave’s Towing Hobby Stocks poured from the pits, filling the track. Ken Asbell (89) sat on the pole and Robert Lohr (32) sat on the outside after a complete inversion. Rusty Staines (00) took a strong lead and Shane Nichols (65) powered into second. By lap two, David Baxley (64) was on Nichols’ tail and making his presence felt. One lap later, Baxley took second. On lap four, Baxley claimed the point. Staines and Pete Close (08) moved up to take second and third after Nichols seemed to lose some power. Lap six had a tense moment when cars came through turn four in three-wide formation. Everyone made it through unscathed, and the drivers raced on for the wire. David Baxley ran away with the win, taking the checkered flag well out in front of the pack. Pete Close took home second and Rusty Staines took third. Mike Wilson passed Nichols with three laps to go and took fourth. Shane Nichols brought in the top five.

The Budweiser Modifieds roared out of the pits at Ocala Speedway. Justin Tilton (10) had the pole. Richard Hall (15) sat in the outside pole position. Tilton made a strong move for the point and Ed Brown (1) moved up quickly to take second. Lap two had just started when a yellow flag flew. Rick Brewer (9) took an unscheduled spin through turn four. He restarted quickly and the race was back on. Chuck Burkhalter (30) made an appearance driving his modified and he was sitting third on the restart. Burkhalter was very strong and by lap six, he was solidly in first. Lap seven saw the second yellow flag of the feature when turn two claimed Tilton and Brown as they spun and tapped each other. Both went to the rear. Burkhalter retained his lead and now Hall was back in second. Scott Grossenbacher (09) moved up to third. The leaders were closely packed and Gary Southard was making his way past the competition. The final caution was thrown after lap twelve but the incident was minor and the restart came quickly. Southard was determined to make headway and he moved past drivers until he was sitting in second. Ed Brown was also making up ground and moving up the ranks. He had moved back up into the top five by lap eighteen. Chuck Burkhalter took the win with Gary Southard not far behind for second. Richard Hall took home third with Scott Grossenbacher taking fourth. Brown hit a spot of bad luck on the last lap and spun through turn two, giving the fifth place money to Wayne Reutimann.

The Steven A. Bagen Late Models stormed out of the pits at Ocala Speedway tonight. Chuck Burkhalter jumped from his modified and into the Late Model number-30 car and took the pole position. Roger Damron (76) sat on the outside. Burkhalter leapt hard and took a commanding lead. Roy Staines (60 – also known as the Go Machine) moved from the inside second row to take second after a short battle with Damron. Herb Neumann (98) raced in fourth. The feature was very fast paced until lap fourteen when Tate Pierce (8) spun on the backstretch. As he came to a stop, a small exhaust fire lit the night. It was quickly extinguished by his onboard systems and the feature was back underway. Burkhalter was hot tonight and his car never missed a beat. The pack was tight throughout the feature so the action was nonstop. Burkhalter took the win and the checkered flag. Roy Staines claimed second with Roger Damron coming in a close third. Rich Pratt found himself in fourth after Herb Neumann spun in the backstretch on the last lap and Wesley Burton took home fifth.

Don’t miss any of the Ocala Speedway racing season. Next week, Saturday August 21st, all divisions including the Late Models will be racing. Also on tap are the Dwarf cars and the Pro Figure 8 race. The special feature will be a $1000 to win Demolition Derby. This is sure to be an exciting night of racing.