Race Results for May 13, 2000

Race Results for May 13, 2000

Ocala, FL, May 13, 2000 – Ocala Speedway fans were treated to a great night of racing.

The Junior Cup Cars started the evening features. Conner Baxley had the pole and took the lead right away. Berry saw a hole on lap two and took the lead from Baxley. Baxley regained it three laps later, but Mariah Berry slipped by again on the inside to take win.

The Coca Cola Four Cylinder Bombers poured out of the pits. Chauna Johnston (43) sat on the pole and got off to a great start. Johnston held the lead until Todd Roberts took it on the fourth lap. Neal Durbin passed his brother Marlon Durbin and the clean feature continued with this line up until the around the tenth lap. Todd Roberts finished to take the checkered flag. Chauna Johnston took home second followed by Neal Durbin, Joel Eckman and Matt Griffen.

The WTRS Pure Stocks found Rick Hart (13) on the pole and Richard McGlashen (113) sat on the outside. McGlashen got squished in turn one, and it looked as if he would spin. McGlashen did an excellent job of holding his car, but fell back in the pack. John Betts raced off to take a big lead. Hart came through clean in second and Tom Roberts (44) sat in third. One lap later, Roberts passed Hart. Mark Mitchell , Moose Alderman, and Rick Hart were in a hot battle for position. The feature was free of cautions as John Betts took the checkered flag. After visiting tech the runners-up were Moose Alderman, Mark Mitchell, Edward England and Kenny Abney.

Dave’s Towing Street Stocks came with Eddie Kilbury on the pole. Kilbury and Mike Wilson jumped together and they were still side by side coming through turn four. Wilson got loose and spun, bringing out the caution. A double-up restart was called and again, Kilbury and Wilson again jumped in tandem. The pack was tight through several laps and only after the fifth lap, were cars beginning to spread out. Eddie Kilbury took the win followed by Mike Wilson, Glann Baum, Charles Kopack and Gary Wayne.

The Budweiser Modifieds came out ready for battle. Bounty defender Red Vann (32) sat on the pole and took the lead and Johnny Newsome (41) found a hole and slipped into second. The first lap was completed but coming out of turn two, Gary Southard (39) spun. Most drivers were able to get by him but up in turn three, things got tense. When the smoke cleared, Brent Jordan (04) was on his left side with the bottom of the car up against the wall going into turn three. Raymond Vann (99) was up against Jordan’s roof, keeping the car on its side. On the restart, Red Vann took the lead followed by Gary Sexton and Dave Baxley. Red Vann claimed the victory followed by Gary Sexton, Scott Millar, David Baxley and Johnny Newsome.

The Dwarf Cars visited Ocala Speedway and found Dennis Archinal (12) on the pole and John Godwin (18) sat on the outside. Archinal dominated the entire race while Don Hess and Bill Burback not letting up their own intention on winning. On lap 12, Fred Brunson (99) audibly blew his motor on the front stretch, pouring smoke out of every opening in his car. After a short caution and a restart Archinal was deprived of his huge lead over the pack, and Hess who had settled the battle for second, began seriously to challenging Archinal. Dennis Archinal proved his mettle to hold on for the checkered flag followed by Don Hess, Bill Burback, Dan Berry and Dan Nyhan.

The Stephen A. Bagen Late Model Sportsman roared out of the pits. Jason Garver (27) sat on the pole next to Points Leader Roger Damron. Roger took the lead but as the pack came through turn four, Jeff Bennett (96) spun into the wall. A double up restart was called and this time, Garver took the lead. Garver held Damron back for two good laps, but Damron found the hole he needed and took the lead. Roger Damron claimed the checkered flag in front of Jason Garyer, Butch Dees, David White and James Findley.

The Ocala Speedway 2000 season resumes May 27th featuring a full regular program with the Dwarf Cars, the Pro Figure 8 and a special 911 Racing Police Charity Event.