Race Results for June 3, 2000

Race Results for June 3, 2000

Ocala, FL, June 3, 2000 – The heat of the day melted into the cool of the evening, making Ocala Speedway the place to be.

The Junior Cup Cars were the first to race. Connor Baxley (64) sat on the pole and Mariah Berry (24) sat on the outside. Cynthia Boetcher (88) started from the second row. Baxley jumped well and Berry worked from the outside to try to get by. Baxley held of every challenge to take the checkered flag. Mariah Berry finished second and Cynthia Boetcher finished third.

The Coca Cola Four Cylinder Bombers came out in force tonight. Joey Durbin (38) sat on the pole, and Chauna Johnston (43) sat on the outside. The first start went wrong when the leader jumped the flag, but everyone settled down and the green flag was thrown. Durbin jumped well but the pack stay bunched up for the first lap. Just as the second lap was starting, several cars tangled on the front stretch and Todd Roberts (44) was flipped over. Roberts came to rest against the turn one wall after sliding several yards and spinning multiple times. Roberts was out of his car in record time, and the track crew quickly righted the car. The worst damage appeared to be a flat front tire, so crew members quickly replaced the flat and Roberts rejoined the race. Starting from second position, Johnston made a good jump and took the point. She fought off Durbin, and then battled Marlon Durbin (72) until he claimed the lead on the fifth lap. The rest of the feature was clean, and Marlon Durbin took the checkered flag. Chauna Johnston came in second and Ric Fort finished third. Neal Durbin and Alan Lumpkin filled out the top five. Todd Roberts worked his way back up through the pack to finish sixth.

The WTRS Pure Stocks roared out of the pits. Dave Dinehart (79) sat on the pole and John Betts (81) sat on the outside. The green flag flew and the drivers jumped hard. The first few rows of cars were still together as the first lap was being completed, and Kenny Abney (3) was in the lead by a nose. On the next lap, Dinehart took the lead and Betts moved up into second. Mark Mitchell (71) was running third. A yellow flag flew after lap four when Richard McGlashen (113) and Moose Alderman (7) tangled on the front stretch. Racing was clean for the rest of the feature and Dave Dinehart fought off every hard challenge to take the checkered flag. John Betts finished second right on the bumper of the winner and Mark Mitchell finished third. Kenny Abney and Rick Hart filled out the top five.

The Dave’s Towing Street Stocks filled the track. Charles Kopach (53) sat on the pole, and Eddie Kilbury (71) sat on the outside. The first start was bad as the leaders jumped the flag. On the second attempt, Kilbury took the point and Kopach settled into second. The feature ran clean, but the battles were hard fought. Mike Wilson kept the pressure on Kopach, hoping for a hole to appear. Wilson found that hole on the last lap to take second position. Eddie Kilbury held on to claim the win, and Mike Wilson finished second. Charles Kopach finished third, and Glenn Baum came in fourth. Chris Fadling finished fifth.

The Budweiser Modifieds filled the track tonight. Conrad Marcum (50) sat on the pole and Scott Millar (14) sat on the outside. The start was no good as the leaders again jumped the flag. Once the flag flew, Marcum took the lead, and David Baxley (64) sat in second. On the fourth lap, Marcum appeared to have a momentary loss of power, and Red Vann took advantage of the confusion to take the point. Baxley continued in second and Gary Sexton raced in third. A yellow flag flew after lap ten, but it had no effect on the leaders. A final yellow flag was thrown on the very last lap when a car spun in turn three. Red Vann added another win to his record, and Dave Baxley finished second. Gary Sexton came in third and Conrad Marcum finished fourth. Brent Jordan finished fifth.

The Outlaw Winged Sprints came to town tonight. Doug Heveron (48) and Ernie Teed (87) sat on the outside. Teed jumped first and took the point, and Heveron sat second. Sport Allen (42) was driving hard and moving up to take second on lap four. On lap eight, Allen also claimed the point from Teed. The only yellow flag of the feature was thrown a lap later when Teed spun through turn four. Allen retained his lead, but behind him, Jim Childers (111) was on the move. By lap eleven, Childers was in second and pushing Allen. Allen held him off until the last lap. Jim Childers moved by Allen to take the checkered flag under the cheering fans. Sport Allen roared in for second. Wayne Reutimann finished third and Doug Heveron came in fourth. Brad Davis finished fifth.

The Stephen A. Bagen Late Model Sportsman put on a good show. Tim Wright (12) sat on the pole and David White (6) sat on the outside. The green flag flew but confusion was the result. Before the first lap was completed, a car spun in turn four and a full double-up restart was called. Again, confusion reigned. This time, Wright spun in turn three and White took a quick pit stop. Another restart was called, this time the line up was single file, and Roger Damron (76) held the point. Wright was in second position. White returned to the track just as the field was approaching the green flag position. Damron charged hard and all seemed well until Wright’s car appeared to lose power dramatically, and a yellow was thrown. It’s lap four now and one final caution has flown. A car spun on the backstretch, returning to the track surface under his own power. Damron ran hard and Kelly Charles (1) was chasing him just as hard. Charles put on a great race as he looked for chinks in Damron’s armor. The honest racing kept the yellow flag at bay. It could have been a different race if Charles hadn’t lost power about the thirteenth lap. Charles slipped back in the ranks. Ronald Lentz (96) was also racing hot tonight and after keeping up with Damron and Charles in early racing, he was now in second. Roger Damron raced to the wire for the checkered flag and Ronald Lentz finished a close second. John Shelnut came in third and David White finished fourth. Wolf Bowers came in fifth.

The Ocala Speedway 2000 season continues with weekly racing. The Annual Powell Memorial will be held on Wednesday, June 7, 2000. A celebrity race will also be featured. Racing to start at 800pm sharp. Regular Saturday night racing will resume on June 10, with all divisions plus the Dwarf Cars and a Roll-over Derby. Come out every Saturday night during the regular season for the many exciting features. This is high-action racing fun for the whole family.