Race Results for October 7, 2000

Race Results for October 7, 2000

Ocala, FL, October 7, 2000 – Ocala Speedway raced under clear skies tonight. The air was cool and dry, cars were hot and fast.

The Junior Cup Cars appeared first, Mariah Berry (24) sat on the pole with Cynthia Boettcher (88) on the outside. Berry lost power immediately and Boettcher took the lead. Conner Baxley (64) was very strong though and by the second lap, he had passed Boettcher. Boettcher gave it everything she had but this was Conner Baxley’s night to take the checkered flag. Cynthia Boettcher came in second and Mariah Berry finished third.

The Coca-Cola Four Cylinder Bombers came out with a full field. Marlon Durbin (72) sat on the pole, and John Hagen (23) sat on the outside. The first lap came under caution when a car spun through turn four. The restart also came under caution when two cars spun through turn one. The third time was the charm and a green flag flew for the single-file restart. Durbin jumped well to take the lead, but the charm quickly wore off when another yellow flag flew. Jeff Oglesby (88) took the lead on the restart and began to pull away. Durbin held on to second position, and Chauna Johnston (43) sat in third. The feature saw two more yellow flags. Every lap allowed Kris Richardson (11) to move up a spot, and by lap eleven, he was sitting in third. Jeff Oglesby got to the checkered flag first, followed by Marlon Durbin, Kris Richardson, Chauna Johnston and Tom Roberts.

The WTRS Pure Stocks roared out of the pits. Tim Ellis (30) sat on the pole, and Moose Alderman (7) sat on the outside. Ellis took the lead with Mark Mitchell (71) sitting very close in second. Moose Alderman (7) settled into third. One yellow flag slowed the action when debris littered the track from a flat tire. Ellis continued in the lead, but Mitchell was ready and when the smallest hole opened up, he was through it in a flash. Alderman, Edward England (00), Ellis and Richard McGlashen continued a running battle for their positions. In the end, Mark Mitchell was the champion, taking the checkered flag. Moose Alderman finished second followed by Edward England, Richard McGlashen and Tim Ellis.

The Dave’s Towing Street Stocks came out in force tonight. Eddie Kilbury missed the feature this week after losing his motor during heat laps. Tom Posavec (01) sat on the pole, and Chris Fadling (33) sat on the outside. Posavec turned on the power and took the lead. Charles Kopach (53) moved into second, by the second lap, Mike Wilson (79) was running third. A yellow flag flew after the fifth lap when a car spun on the backstretch. Posavec was still leading, but now Wilson was in second hunting for any opening. Wilson got the lead beginning lap nine, before it was completed, a yellow flag flew and the restart put Posavec back out front. Posavec jumped well again, but as he was crossing the line to finish the lap, his car slowed dramatically. Wilson took the lead on the inside, but Posavec clipped Kopach’s rear bumper as Kopach was going by on the outside. Kopach regained his spot after the caution, but Posavec’s car was out of the race. During all the action up front, the pack was also being shuffled. Mike Wilson took the checkered flag followed closely by Charles Kopach. Bob Masciarelli finished third followed by Glenn Baum and Kevin Bryant.

The Budweiser Modifieds came out next. Red Vann (32) sat on the pole, and Scott Grossenbacher (33) sat on the outside. Raymond Vann (99) and Johnny Newsome (31) were running well and both slipped by Grossenbacher. After the fifth lap though, a yellow flag was thrown when Ray Vann and Newsome tangled on the backstretch. Both went to the rear. Red Vann continued in the lead, but now David Baxley (64) had the second position. Scott Millar and Alan McCafferty also moved up. Another yellow flag was thrown when the number two car spun coming out of turn four and Newsome was unable to avoid a collision. Luckily, Newsome was able to continue. The restart leader was still Red Vann but only one more lap was completed before Brent Jordan (04) smacked the front stretch wall. Damage was only cosmetic and he rejoined the race. Two more laps and again the yellow was thrown. Again, Ray Vann and Newsome found themselves coming together in turn four. Everything straightened out quickly and racing resumed. Red Vann raced for the wire and took the checkered flag. David Baxley came in second with Scott Millar close behind in third. Alan McCafferty and Scott Grossenbacher filled out the top five. After tech, the order was changed. Red Vann still wins, but Scott Millar, Alan McCafferty, Scott Grossenbacher and John Clair finished in that order.

The Outlaw Winged Sprint Cars put in an appearance tonight here at Ocala Speedway. The race took three attempts to get underway, as each of the first two times cars spun before a lap could be completed. Dude Teate (4) sat on the pole and Joey Aguilar (87) sat on the outside. These flying machines with wheels roared around the track with Teate holding a very strong lead. Aguilar looked strong in second for over half the race, but Wayne Reutimann (22) was moving through the pack with determination. Two caution flag slowed the action but never for long. By lap fifteen, Reutimann was pushing passed Aguilar and beginning to gain on Teate. The yellow flags flew at opportune times for Reutimann because the pack was bunched back up. Teate drove a fantastic race, holding off Reutimann as long as possible. It looked as if he would persevere until lap twenty-four when Reutimann screamed by to take the lead with two laps to go. Wayne Reutimann took the checkered flag with Dude Teate running a very close second. Bo Hartley finished third followed by Jim Childers and Keith Butler.

The Ocala Speedway 2000 season continues with weekly racing. Next week, Saturday 14th, will feature all the regular divisions, plus the Dwarf Cars and a $200 to win Lawnmower Race. Come out every Saturday night during the regular season for the many exciting features. This is high-action racing fun for the whole family.